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  1. Looking at the Twins SO/9 ratio

    Originally posted at http://wp.me/p1YQUj-2D6

    Minnesota Twins pitchers have finished dead last in the American League in strikeouts the last three years and you all know where the team has finished in the standing during that time frame. When the Twins came into existence in 1961 the SO/9 average in the American League was 5.2 SO/9 and it slowly climbed to 6.1 SO/9 in 1967 but then started sliding down to under 5.0 SO/9 from 1974 to 1983. Since then it started climbing and for ...
  2. Twins starters and pitch limits

    originally posted at http://wp.me/p1YQUj-2zu

    The Twins have had a reputation for protecting their starting pitchers for many years and their method of choice for accomplishing this is to limit the number of pitches that their starters throw in a game. The Twins are not alone in counting pitches, all teams do it these days and a 100 pitch per game seems to be the "gold standard" that most teams follow.

    Before pitch counts started to become prominent ...
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