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  1. Someone needs to wake Gardy up

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    I have been a Ron Gardenhire fan for a long time but I have to admit even I am more than a bit confused and irritated with his recent infatuation for having his players play multiple positions. I understand that a team needs to have utility players that can play multiple positions but there is no need to have each player on the 25 man roster be able to play multiple positions. I think
  2. The June Free Agent Draft is just around the corner

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    The MLB First-Year Player Draft may not be as popular as the NFL draft but is is still a fun and entertaining event that many baseball fans wait for all year. In the NFL, the players drafted will be putting on that teams colors come Fall but in baseball a draftee might spend years in the minor leagues learning his craft before he ever gets a sniff of a big league clubhouse. There are web sites devoted ...
  3. So what is Joe's problem?

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    The Twins have played better than expected (12-11) in 2014 and the team is ranked third in the league in runs scored with 127 runs in 23 games for an average of 5.52 runs per game. Everyone is excited about the Twins offensive display this season but so far nobody is talking about the elephant in the room, Joe Mauer and his slow start as the teams new first baseman.

    The ...
  4. Where do Twins rank in MLB ticket prices?

    Previously posted at http://wp.me/p1YQUj-2Kb

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    I have been keeping track of Minnesota Twins ticket prices for some time and you can see my work on the Twins Ticket Price History page. Based on how I calculate Twins ticket price averages I have the Twins with an average ticket price of $30.68. TMR (Team Marketing Report) publishes their MLB FCI (Fan Cost index) each year and this year according to their formula they have the Minnesota Twins with ...
  5. The Twins Trivia Magic 8-Ball comes into focus

    Previously posted at http://wp.me/p1YQUj-2Ja

    The Twins are in Chicago by now having left Florida and their spring training record of 9-16-3 in their wake. Earlier today the Twins won their final 2014 Grapefruit League outing by a score of 7-4. The Twins scored more than five runs in just five exhibition games and scored two or fewer runs on 10 occasions. The Twins ended spring training with a .360% winning percentage, the worst in the American league. All that being said, the ...
  6. Looking at the Twins SO/9 ratio

    Originally posted at http://wp.me/p1YQUj-2D6

    Minnesota Twins pitchers have finished dead last in the American League in strikeouts the last three years and you all know where the team has finished in the standing during that time frame. When the Twins came into existence in 1961 the SO/9 average in the American League was 5.2 SO/9 and it slowly climbed to 6.1 SO/9 in 1967 but then started sliding down to under 5.0 SO/9 from 1974 to 1983. Since then it started climbing and for ...
  7. Twins starters and pitch limits

    originally posted at http://wp.me/p1YQUj-2zu

    The Twins have had a reputation for protecting their starting pitchers for many years and their method of choice for accomplishing this is to limit the number of pitches that their starters throw in a game. The Twins are not alone in counting pitches, all teams do it these days and a 100 pitch per game seems to be the "gold standard" that most teams follow.

    Before pitch counts started to become prominent ...
  8. A little Twins Trivia "Who am I"?

    In the Twins 53 year history, 27 different Twins players have gotten five or or more hits in a game but only nine players have done this more then once.

    Kirby Puckett did it six times and in two of those occurrences he had six hits in a game. Puckett remains the only Twins player to get more then 5 hits in a game.

    Joe Mauer and Rod Carew each have had five 5 hit games wearing a Twins uni.

    Tony Oliva accomplished the feat four times.

    Paul Molitor ...
  9. Calling Mr. Pohlad...

    Posted earlier today at Calling Mr. Pohlad? | Twinstrivia.com

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    Due to the extended rain delay of four hours and 23 minutes, the Chicago White Sox are offering fans with tickets to Sunday’s game a complimentary ticket to a home game in April 2014 (excludes Opening Day and Boston series). Once 2014 tickets go on sale, fans can bring their ticket stub or mail it to the U.S. Cellular Field box office to redeem it for a best available outfield reserved ...

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  10. This Day in Twins History - August 8

    Originally posted earlier at This Day In Twins History ? August 8 | Twinstrivia.com

    - With the score tied at 3 apiece at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, A's rookie third baseman Ed Charles steals home with two out in the ninth to score the winning run in a A's 4-3 win over the Twins. Ray Moore and Jerry Zimmerman were the Twins battery at the time.

    8/8/1974 - The Royals - Twins game at Royals Stadium is briefly interrupted by President Nixon's resignation ...
  11. An interview with 1995 Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova

    Originally posted at An interview with 1995 Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova | Twinstrivia.com

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    Recently I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to interview 1995 AL Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova. We talked about Marty's nine-year big league career from the time he was drafted by Minnesota in the tenth round of the 1989 draft until he retired from baseball in 2005. Cordova played for the Twins (1995-1999), Blue Jays (2000), ...
  12. The state of the Twins at mid-season

    Originally published at The state of the Twins at mid-season | Twinstrivia.com

    The Twins left Minnesota and the country yesterday with their tails between their legs after losing their fifth straight game and four in a row to those hated New York Yankees. The Yankees were slumping when they limped in to town but that didn't stop this bunch of misfits and cast-offs from kicking some serious Twins butts here in Minnesota. I have seen better visiting Yankee teams at Ft. ...
  13. I threw 151 pitches in a game

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    The Twins drafted me in the first round (third overall) out of St. Anthony's High School in 1987. I made my major league debut with the Twins on July 31, 1991 at Yankee Stadium in relief and pitched 2 innings. I pitched for the Twins from 1991-1993 before being traded to the Chicago Cubs.
    During my time in Minnesota I had a 16-17 record with a 4.61 ERA and a 1.60 WHIP. In 259.2 innings ...
  14. This Day in Twins History - June 24

    Posted earlier at This Day in Twins History ? June 24 | Twinstrivia.com

    - Harmon Killebrew hit his first major league homer, off Billy Hoeft at Griffith Stadium, but the Detroit Tigers beat the Washington Senators 18-7. Here is what dcbaseballhistory.com wrote about this highlite - "The visiting Tigers pounce to a 13-0 lead in the top of the 5th, when 3B Harmon Killebrew boots a grounder. In the bottom of the frame, Killebrew would bat and work a 2-2 count against Detroit ...

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