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  1. fairweather's Avatar
    I really think this kid can be an elite player. I hope this gets figured out.
  2. raindog's Avatar
    That's a bummer. He's my favorite prospect to follow, I hope he gets well soon.
  3. gil4's Avatar
    The biggest surprise on the list is Guardado. I especially didn't think he would be ahead of Aguilera.
  4. gil4's Avatar
    I had to see how close Nathan was to the list. He was 36 IP short.
    464 IP, 562 SO, 10.9 SO/9

    If we add the IP without adding any SO, he still leads by a comfortable margin - 10.12 SO/9. (Hey, if it works for the batting title...)
  5. BomboRivera1's Avatar
    I regret to say that with 4/5 of the projected rotation posting a combined 6+ spring ERA and the other fifth yet to pitch in a game, it looks to me like 74 wins is wild-eyed optimism.
  6. Top Gun's Avatar
    I like.
  7. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Jim Merritt? That rattled my memory.
    I liked Dave Boswell, too, but mostly because he got in a fight with Billy Martin when Martin was our manager.

    Fun list. Reminds us how dominate Liriano could be when he was 'on'. Remember? That one game each month? (the 2005, 2006 numbers don't hurt his average - 12.5/9, 10.7/9)
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  8. Jeff P's Avatar
    Yea that was a fun read, thanks for sharing.

    "Griffith did make a trade to show his fans he was trying, but it was inconsequential: he acquired Second Baseman Cesar Tovar from the Cincinnati Reds for Pitcher Gerry Arrigo." It was inconsequential for 1965 but Cesar Tovar turned out to be a pretty good player for the Twins.
  9. spycake's Avatar
    Wow, that's some cool data! It would be really interesting to see how the Twins compared across the league, but I'm not sure if such thorough data like this is out there for other teams...
  10. Teflon's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of his passing. Strange indeed how he talked about the very scenario of his motorcycle accident and death on his last radio show.
  11. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I don't see the Twins getting rid of another outfielder unless they have a backup plan ready to go and believe in it. I also believe that the Twins will stick to their in-house-middle-infield policy for now, because there really aren't many options out there this year for the middle infield. Not that the Twins have much in the way of SS options, but they do have Rosario at 2B climbing up the ladder. Not that their Minor League SS aren't good, but they seem to be even farther behind our 2B prospects in ML readiness. I also don't think that the Rangers would exchange Profar for a should-be declining LF with very limited defensive skills.
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