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You're Not Reading This

Don't read this. Seriously. Nothing to see here.

There's much better writing and analysis everywhere else on this site. Really.

What you'll find in here will only frustrate or disappoint you. You'll never get the next 7-10 minutes of your life back.

Trust me; don't read this.

Still reading? Don't say you weren't warned.

  1. Boy Are We Lucky

    Made my first trip of the year to Target Field for last night's game. Of course, everyone knows that the Twins lost (again) to the Blue Jays. Further, the game featured a number of soul-sucking moments: everything from a dropped (or more accurately, unfielded) popup barely 15 feet from home to a number of extra bases being taken on sloppy or inattentive fielding to another 'let's get the suspense over early' spotting of several early runs by the Twins designated starting pitcher.

    Nonetheless, ...
  2. Hope is Not a Strategy

    So, how's my opening day wish list doing? About as well as yours, I expect.

    But, since I don't have yours, I'm going to review mine.

    So here are the 'original' wishes/hopes/dreams/fantasies - with comments after one month of harsh reality.

    1) Mauer plays well and stays healthy and is in serious contention for a batting title and even MVP consideration.
    Well, Joe's been healthy, at least. Even with the foul tip to the knee, he's amassed more plate appearances
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