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  1. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Wish i could tell you who it should be.

    I wasn't that big a Cuddyer fan but I did come to have a lot more appreciation for him last year.

    I feel a very big disconnect from this team right now. I'm hoping that feeling goes away as we see more of them and learn more about them but right now they leave me blah.
  2. Heather B's Avatar
    People like Cuddy are practically irreplaceable, so I completely agree with your blog post. It's gonna take a lot to "replace" him. If I figure out who that guy is, I'll let you know. It doesn't mean there aren't some awesome players on the 2012 Twins roster, it's just that there is a huge empty hole (charismatically) that Cuddy left behind. Thank God the Rockies are in the NL - so I can still be a Cuddy fan! GO TWINS!
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