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  1. 3rd Inning Stretch's Avatar
    And nobody would sniff JJ for that. They are even further into salary dump mode. If you wanted to sell your house, but had it at twice market value, youd come down when nobody meets your price. As time goes by and you really want to sell it, and its costing you money on top of it now that you dont want to spend, you will deal at market price, especially when youd lose the house in a year for nothing.

    I think we have different expectations for Perez. I dont think he is expected to be a future Ace. Baseball America had him as the Rangers #4 starter in 2015 in last years prospect rankings. He will be cosidered a B prospect going into this year (was a B+ last year on minorleagueblog), which is about what you can expect for Morneau, especially from a team's who's glaring weakness is at 1B and doesnt care about money.
  2. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    The 2 trades are not logical. The Marlins do not want 2 average minor leaguers for JJ. They were asking for the house from Texas and other teams that acquired at the deadline. The Rangers would not deal a future ace for an aging first baseman who cannot stay healthy.
  3. sturdy10's Avatar
    They may be on the fringes of contention, but that is not a true rebuild. They would still be trading their best prospects in an already thin farm system, so in two years when Felix moves on to another team it will be more 100 loss seasons. The Twins need to restock their farm system will young talent. To me, two years of Felix is not worth putting off this rebuild for 2 years. I would much rather they just trade their veteran players for what they can get, and start to build around their younger players.

    I think that Diamond, Gibson, and Hendriks could be something to build around pitching wise. Hopefully Berrios can move through the system fairly quickly and be ready about the same time as Sano. The twins have some light at the end of the tunnel, I don't think we should trade that for two years of Felix.
  4. John Bonnes's Avatar
    OK, just to add a log to the hot stove....

    The primary objection seems to be that the Twins aren't a King Felix away from contention. So what about this...
    1. Trade away Morneau for a mediocre starter, maybe even one that isn't especially cheap but not especially expensive either.
    2. Trade for Felix. You can argue what prospects it costs, but I gotta think it can be done for some high upside guys. Come the next prospect rankings, I think you're going to have a couple of 5 stars (Sano, Hicks, Buxton) and a couple of 4 stars (Rosario, Arcia, Berrios at least) to offer.

    Now the rotation looks like Felix, Diamond, Morneau trade guy, and some combination of Gibson, Hendriks, Deduno, De Vries, Vasquez and Blackburn as the fourth and fifth guys.

    Is that team really far from contention?
  5. sturdy10's Avatar
    I don't think the twins are a Felix Hernandez away from contending and giving away all of your top prospects besides Sano would be completely foolish in my opinion. One ace will not make the Twins much better. They would be MAYBE a .500 team.
  6. Zyax's Avatar
    No. Putting aside the blatantly obvious fact that Seattle is building AROUND King Felix and would absolutely not trade him anytime soon...

    This magical trade would be a "win now" trade. Hernandez has 2 years left on his contract, due about 20 million for each year of it. There is no way the Twins could possibly extend this, because he would command even more per year, so we'd essentially be buying him for two years. The only way this is even remotely justifiable is if the Twins have a decent chance of making a playoff run (which requires making the playoffs, which requires playing .500 baseball...)

    So I guess my question for you is, do you honestly believe the Twins are Felix Hernandez away from playing winning baseball right now? Because that idea seems completely ridiculous to me.
  7. darin617's Avatar
    Would you like your drug test now or later? There would almost be a better chance of Joe Mauer coming forward and saying that he is only worth $13M a season and would like to return $10M to the team to put towards a SP. Sano would have to included along with the other players along with a pitcher alot better than Laim Liam Hendriks...

    MN could never add another huge contract to the payroll. So the rotation would be King Felix, Diamond, and 3 flunkies? 1 pitcher no matter how great will never turn a team around by himself.
  8. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I'll say this....I think the Mariners would at least consider that trade. The big problem is that King Felix is only under control for two more years, so the Twins would need to add his $20M salary AND find pitchers for the other three spots in the lineup.
  9. mlhouse's Avatar
    HAHAHA...are you serious?
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