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  1. Bombo Rivera's Avatar
    It is hard to get excited about FA options like this. Considering what the other teams in the AL Central have already done to improve their squads, one can easily see the Twins with 90+ losses again in 2013.
  2. Slim's Avatar
    I am not Gardy fan. I believe that Gardy is not good at developing young talent, which is the direction the Twins are headed in. Gardy has failed to get the best out of Lohse, Garza, Bartlett, Dozier, Valencia etc. Instead of making these players better Gardy's answer is to either ship them down or ship them out. Twins need a manager who can mentor and develop young talent. Gardy does not seem capable in this area.
  3. glunn's Avatar
    Sometimes I wonder whether Gomez or Benson might have done better if they had spent more time in AAA.
  4. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I agree completely. There are some doubters out there, however, so maybe a more extended case is necessary.
  5. twinstalker's Avatar
    If the Twins planned on signing two FA pitchers, and they signed two plus Marcum, I'd be okay with getting him at a safe price. Otherwise, I view him as damaged good.
  6. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I like the trade, absolutely love it. I think it will be difficult for the Twins to compete in the AL central or the playoffs in 2013 and probably in 2014, but this moves helps the Twins in 2015 and beyond and I for one am optomisitc that there will be a lot of victres for the Twins in the last half of this decade.

  7. Willihammer's Avatar
    I believe the Rays proprietary defensive scheme has allowed them to "artificially" inflate the market value of their pitchers. While the rest of baseball lags behind, someone will overpay for their pitching talent. Since 2011, only the Nats and A's have outperformed their xFIPs better (xFIP minus ERA). And no one has been more reliant on that defensive scheme than Hellickson (7.3 FDP wins in the last two years). I will be watching this closely, whoever trades for Hellickson, unless they plan on warping into the Rays defensively, is going to get fleeced.
  8. johnnydakota's Avatar
    so does the big name pitcher mean a good pitcher, or a pitcher with a very long name ? tricky curly tricky
  9. glunn's Avatar
    You have done an excellent job bringing perspective to a disappointing season, along with some plausible hope for the future.
  10. johnnydakota's Avatar
    how about darren mastroanni? that is the real question,with all the ground balls he has taken at 2nd , why is he not given a shot this september to fill a hole in our infield?
  11. Rosterman's Avatar
    Y'know, this is a no-brainer. Even coming into this year, I think Carroll knew he MIGHT not be the regular, as he hasn't REALLY been a regular, but is capable of playing 2nd/SS/3rd for extended periods if need be. Carroll seems contnt and happy with this role. Considering the Twins seem to want to try out other alternatives at any of those positions, he is nice to have around for at least another year, and if someone does step-up, he is tradebait. The Twins probably could've moved his salary this summer, but for his production and attitude, he is worthwhile to keep in the organization. Of course, looking towards a 2014 option at age 40 next season might create a different attitude come next mid-summer if someone is looking for a quick utility player. He works hard, has a great attitude, and it is always nice to have a veteran with those qualities in the clubhouse. RIght now, I would rather carry the aging Carroll, than a much younger Alexi, even if the salary is the close to the same.
  12. johnnydakota's Avatar
    a friggin men
  13. OldManWinter's Avatar
    People jump to conclusions over a whole lot of things we have no way of knowing. Without all of that missing information any conlusion we make is inaccurate.

    I have had three rotator cuff surgeries, two in the last 18 months. The oldest of the last two has not healed to allow a full range of motion despite best efforts of surgeon and therapist.

    They will not heal evenly because they are all different. No one can predict or guarantee any result. It is not an exact science, the result will vary.

    We do not have enough information to make educated guesses about their competence.
    Updated 09-02-2012 at 09:31 PM by OldManWinter
  14. jtrinaldi's Avatar
  15. nicksaviking's Avatar
    Another great article, which is why I hate to point out that Mark Trumbo is holding the other outfield position and is putting up MVP caliber numbers. The Angel's are always after pitching though, and Liriano shouldn't be out of the question. They could trade for him with an eye toward offering him arbitration next year. If their current choices for their #3 pitcher next year are Liriano at arbitration value or the disappointing Ervin Santana at $13 million or Dan Haren at $15.5 million, Liriano may be the more attractive option.
  16. DiscGolfer's Avatar
    The Twins play 24 of 27 games in September against every divisional opponant with 16 at home and 11 on the road, if they get hot and within striking distance heading into September anything could happen.
  17. Curt's Avatar
    The matrix below shows the current standings, what those standings project for wins in 162 games and what the twins pace must be to match that win total. I do not think Chicago is a 90 win team and I believe 85 wins will win the division. The Twins will have to play .636 ball to get there though. Here's to hopin'.

    W L Pct Proj Twins pace to match
    Chicago 47 38 .553 90 .701
    Cleveland 44 41 .518 84 .623
    Detroit 44 42 .512 83 .610
    Kansas City 37 47 .440 71 .455
    Minnesota 36 49 .424 69 .429
  18. MarshalltheIrish's Avatar
    In addition to turning around drafting philosophy (which they've already started this year, at last!), all the Twins really need to do to a dramatic extent right now is just improve the starting pitching. It drives me crazy to think how much better they'd be standing-wise right now if they had a good or great pitching staff. And as far as trading this summer, I absolutely do not want to see Willingham, Morneau, Doumit, or Span traded. Liriano is our best piece.
  19. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I also think that with the increased production from the players they brought in this offseason that the Twins will be unlikely to trade guys like Doumit and Willingham. I say this because I agree with another writer on this site who said something to the effect of Doumit, Plouffe and Willingham aren't as psyched out about the spacious Target Field like Kubel, Cuddyer, and Young, because they haven't known anything else, and are continuing to destroy the ball in this park.

    Therefore, it is likely that the Twins will try and trade Liriano, as he seems like the one piece, if he stays consistent, the Twins will even want to trade. Span has a very team-friendly contract for the next several years, Gardy appears to really like the production of Willingham and Doumit as well as the veteran leadership of Jamey Carroll in the infield, and Valencia has done nothing this year to prove that he will be worth anything in a trade.

    Therefore, this appears to leave the tradeable assets for the Twins coming out of the bullpen or starting rotation. If the Twins wanted to give guys like Guerra and Slama a chance, they could trade Capps and another guy like Swarzak or Manship to make room for guys like Guerra and Slama. The Twins also, if Pavano can somehow get himself healthy and prove that he can still pitch in time, and Liriano stays consistent, they could also find themselves traded before the deadline, not that I know who the Twins would replace Liriano in the rotation with.
  20. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I have to agree with what you said in your 3rd to last paragraph, where the Twins bats won't always be able to overcome their lack of solid pitching. However, the improvement (emergence, even) of players like Plouffe and Revere into their element are starting to make me hopeful for next year if the Twins can make some good moves over the offseason. This would include adding a solid FA pitcher to complement Diamond and Hendriks, if his success in AAA translates to the Majors. They should also resign Doumit to a multi-year deal because he has provided needed flexibility for the field and gives Gardy another catcher as well as an outfielder and pinch-hitter. If they can get something good for Span, then they should, but ONLY if Valencia figures things out in AAA or they find another solid 3B guy, perhaps in the Span deal. If they do, the Twins would have a good (or at least solid) 3B and they could give Plouffe a solid, and hopefully permanent starting position out in RF and shift Revere over to CF, where he truly belongs.

    With the bullpen depth that the Twins have recently come into, if they could find a good deal for one of them, then they should. Capps should be easy to deal if he keeps pitching well. However, they should hang onto Burton, Perkins, and Burnett, because they can be the anchors for out bullpen for years to come.
    Updated 06-11-2012 at 01:36 PM by J-Dog Dungan
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