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  1. rogrulz30's Avatar
    My guess is he is going to have 1 more shot, I think his best option his to go to AAA and find out how to get the ball past the hitter, he will ultimately be better, 11 months returning is just too quick. The twins are going to have to give deduno a chance thus season, this would b the perfect time. Having pelfrey out there now just reminds me too much of what happened last year, whew we as fans were just hoping to get through 4 innings.
  2. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Pelf is entitled to refuse a AAA assignment, though he does have an option remaining if he does choose to accept. It is probably too far-fetched to believe that Gardy left him in to face Fielder so that if the worst happened Pelf would maybe be persuaded to accept the demotion, but that thought still crosses my mind.
  3. tmerrickkeller's Avatar
    Agree heartily with comment 3 - not only the errors, but (listening on the radio), heard a lot of "dug out by Morneau" on his throws. It's early. Small sample size. But eerily reminiscent of observations from last year. Defense up the middle is going to be important this year with the ground ball pitchers we have.
  4. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    I appreciate a well thought, well articulated article like this.
    Thank you Nick.
  5. stringer bell's Avatar
    Quite the optimistic write up. I think health is a big issue as Plouffe has suffered injuries almost every year. I do believe it will help him to prepare to play just one position. I think that by the end of the season he will be regarded as a better ballplayer and more valuable that his buddy Delmon.
  6. Physics Guy's Avatar
    Nice summary of the position. There is no real battle here as Plouffe is clearly the best option. The Twins don't have any decent options outside of Plouffe and it really doesn't seem as though there is a candidate in the minors that is close. I can't see how Sano would be ready until 2015 at the earliest if he remains at 3B. I'm really hoping Plouffe can at least be average in the field and lift his average to .260.
  7. jay's Avatar
    The Twins seem to give their MIs plenty of time and chances to be marginally adequate after flashing a little of anything. We can go back to Rivas, then Punto, and even Casilla.

    So, for our sake, let's hope Brian is able to perform and have some success. He'll be around for a while if history tells us anything.
  8. beckmt's Avatar
    My gut tells me that neither Swarzak or Burnett makes this team, will have Roneicke and Wood in there place. My also have Pressey here. That would be good for the pitching staff. Perez was a surprise, but maybe. Rest of lineup was as expected.
  9. beckmt's Avatar
    This is a sort out year anyway, do not risk his future to rush him back. Just more opportunities to find what we have in the upper minor leagues. At least Rochester will have a good rotation.
  10. wagwan's Avatar
    I think after the surgery, Liriano had to change the way he threw the slider.It was the motion causing the arm problem Has Gibson had to make any mechanical adjustments?
  11. beckmt's Avatar
    Glass half full or half empty. Starting pitching could implode again and Twins could lose 100. Worley does not recover from surgery, Pelfrey is toast, Correra is reincarnation of Marquis, Diamond regresses to second half pitcher. Center field and middle infield are black holes on offence. Twins trade remaining big contracts in midseason to aid in restocking farm system(Morneau, Willingham).
    Other side is starting pitching is only slighty below average, Hicks, Parmalee and Pouffle become major offensive aids and the bullpen is solid so the Twins finish around .500. This is what makes baseball interesting and why you play the games.
  12. Denny Hocking's Finger's Avatar
    +1 for the Tom Powers boomroast
  13. mcrow's Avatar
    We'll given he's 19, he's not likely to get much, if any taller. He could still put on muscle mass though. My cousin was about the same height and weight as Sano at the same age and ended up not gaining any height but he ended up at 260 and played TE in college. So, Sano could be destined to be a 1B. I can't imagine they'd want a beast like that running around in the OF much less playing 3B.
  14. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    I disagree with the final paragraph. I am hoping that Burton, Fein, Duensing, Perkins, and Theilbar will be all the Twins need for innings 7-9. IF there is an injury, I would elect to find a young arm within the organization rather than extend an invite to Capps. We know Capps is below average, maybe we could learn more about our young arms by giving them a real shot in Minnesota during this surely ugly 2013.
  15. stringer bell's Avatar
    He's still relatively young. He got a chance to stay at one position and he thrived until he was injured. I expect that Plouffe will be better in 2013, particularly on defense.
  16. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    So what if there were? Short of taking up a collection here on TwinsDaily.com I cannot imagine how that would mean anything to the Twins.
  17. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Encouraging. Let's hope for the best.
    A move to the outfield would be unfortunate.
    Too many OFs in the pipeline & we badly need infielders.
  18. Rosterman's Avatar
    Josh Roenicke is also in the mix. And the Twins will be taking a hard look at Caleb Thielbar as a lefty. So, I picture Swarzak on the bubble. Wood would have to stay or be lost, I believe. DeVries could also be long man. Two interesting cases in the minors. Guerra made it thru waivers. The Twins can look at him all year and add him back on the 40-man for 2014, although he would be out of options. If the Twins choose to add Slama back on the 40-man in 2014, I believe that would be his last option year, so they could keep him in the organization and send him up and down in 2014 before making a hard decision on him come 2015...sadly for Slama...who shouldn't been Rule 5 pickup by anyone the last two seasons.
  19. willkoky's Avatar
    Hasn't it always made sabermetric sense to have a non dominant pitcher pitch twice a week for 2 and 4 innings +/- then once per 6 days? Relievers pitch best on 1 and 2 days rest. They pitch poorly on 1 and 3 or more. Starters pitch better in innings 1-4 then 5-7. This also gives you a second point each game to bring in a reliever when a "starter" is in trouble. So why hasn't a team made a staff out of a bunch of long and short relievers yet? If ever there was a year to try it...
  20. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I don't think a 6-man rotation makes sense for this team, despite their accumulation of 4-5 type starters. I suspect Pelfrey to start the season on the DL, and Gibson to be in EST to start the season and limit innings on his arm. The suspect the Twins will go with a standard 5-man rotation, but that we will see a lot of different guys moving into and out of that rotation, especially early in the season.
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