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Kevin Slowey was Framed!

All the effort of some sort of horrible amalgamation of Denny Hocking, Matt Tolbert and Nick Punto. But no frosted tips. Now with puns!

  1. MLB Draft a Crapshoot - Part 1?

    The Twins suck. Sorry, had to be said. I do consider myself a bit of a shock-jock, so this is fitting. However, the reward for sucky teams is a good draft pick. I was talking with a friend of mine and he said, "who cares about the draft, it's a total crapshoot." This got me wondering; is the draft a crapshoot?

    Yeah, probably.

    However, is the MLB draft more of a crapshoot than the other 3 major sports' drafts? I did some research to see if any one league has ...
  2. Significant Date in Twins' History - November 21, 2007

    2007 was a rare poor season for the Twins in the first decade of the 21st Century. They finished under .500 and in 3rd place. A long-time Minnesota Twin was heading for free agency after the season as well. Torii Hunter was likely the fourth or fifth best player on the team at this point, behind Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Johan Santana and possibly Joe Nathan (I think Hunter was better). In addition, he was 31 years old and slipping defensively from a great centerfielder to an aging centerfielder ...

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    Date in Twins' History
  3. MicroThoughts - Detroit Tigers

    I have had the honor of watching the Detroit Tigers play 23 innings in about the last 24 hours. Wait, honor is the wrong word. What is the opposite of honor? The Tigers are brutal. I know their record is much, much, much better than the Twins' record, but they are brutal. They have 3 great starting pitchers: Verlander, Fister and Scherzer (who can be pretty hit or miss). They have three great hitters: Cabrera, Fielder, and Jackson. They have one player who is regularly in the lineup that ...
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  4. MicroThoughts - Dedone?

    I'm sitting here watching Samuel Deduno regress before my very eyes. In a way, it is sad because it would be fun for a 29 year old journeyman pitcher to suddenly harness the talent that he obviously has and become a dominant starter. The reality is that this rarely happens and while Deduno's results were good in his first couple months, the underlying stats did not support his success. He still walks way too many batters and doesn't strike enough batters out to mask it. He is starting to give ...
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  5. You Just Don't Sano Part 1

    Miguel Sano steps into the box. He is just a huge man. The game is tied at 1 and the opposing pitcher is locked in, but Sano already has 3 hits, including a double that hit the top of the fence. The pitcher has been working him away, and Sano is taking what he is getting, driving all three hits to right-center. He really has become a good all-around hitter in this league. The pitcher deviates from the game plan for just one pitch, comes inside, and Sano absolutely launches it to the seats in ...
  6. Point/Counterpoint - The Last Two Weeks of the Season

    Point - The Twins should try to pass Cleveland for 4th place in the Division

    The final two weeks of the season are extremely important for the Twins' momentum as they move into 2013. Currently, the Twins are in last place in the AL Central and the entire American League. This embarrassing situation is one that the Twins should work hard to remedy over the course of the next two weeks.

    There are plenty of exciting players to watch on this team and the future seems very ...
  7. MicroQuestion - Buster Posey = Joe Mauer 2.0?

    Yesterday, I posited that I believe that Joe Mauer is great. I stand by this, but I can see why some are frustrated with Mauer. Buster Posey, on the other hand, is seemingly working on wrapping up his first MVP award. Posey hits home runs, catches regularly and seems to be that emotional leader that many fans get behind. In his two healthy seasons, the Giants have won a World Series and are now serious contenders to win another one. So, my question is this - is Buster Posey everything fans ...
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  8. MicroThoughts - Joe Mauer

    My Father-in-Law sent me a text yesterday afternoon. Here is what it said:

    "I see iron man Mauer has missed five straight. Most overpaid player in the game. Have a great weekend."

    The "have a great weekend" part was much appreciated, but the rest of the text just made me shake my head. I want to address each part of this text, as I think these are common sentiments expressed by Twins fans.

    1. Iron Man quip.

    Mauer plays ...

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  9. Knowing your Limitations - Lessons from Alfred Adler

    It is common in human nature to be prideful and to want to demonstrate one's abilities. When a person learns a skill, they want to demonstrate that they have that skill. Just look inside any college dorm, and see which dudes learned how to play guitar. It is also very normal for humans to overestimate their abilities to perform certain skills. Often, we can only compare our level of ability to those around us. If those around us cannot play guitar, our skills look better by comparison. ...
  10. Micro Post - Walk-Offs

    So, Denard Span just hit a walk-off single to win a pretty exciting game. Walk-offs are always fun, but I am very over the "beat the crap out of the game-winning hitter celebration." First off, Span has had concussion issues and just had a shoulder problem. Seems like hitting him on the head and tugging at his body isn't the smart move. Second, it is played out. The water jug/pie-in-face thing is played out too. Is this the real reason Drew Butera is on the team? Does he have the ...
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  11. Baseball Related Review - Effectively Wild - The Daily Baseball Prospectus Podcast

    Do you love baseball? How about listening to things? If you like both, can I just take one dern second and suggest that you check out the Baseball Prospectus podcast - Effectively Wild? Thanks. Effectively Wild is hosted by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller and sometimes co-hosted by some crickets. In the podcast, Ben and Sam each bring one topic per day to the table and then they present and discuss. Every so often, they each bring the same topic, which usually makes me drive right off the road. ...

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  12. Mondayne Notes - 9/10/2012

    I didn't provide a video last week, so here are two by Brad:

    Rush Hour
    Every Whisper

    The Games

    Monday - Loss to Chicago - 4-2

    I did not watch this game, as I had an awesome bout of food poisoning to keep me occupied. Deduno seems to have had a quality start, although the 3 Ks and 3 BBs don't make for a good ratio. Joe Mauer was caught stealing, so he is clearly overpaid.

    Tuesday - Win over Chicago - 18-9

    Well, ...
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  13. Losing with Dignity - Conversations with Gardy

    The end of a season is almost always disappointing. Only one team wins the World Series each year, and for each and every other team, there is some level of failure. Some teams fail a lot more spectacularly than others. Some fail like a gas main breaking or a lady falling out of a grape-stomping rig. In a lot of ways, the 2012 Twins are like the grape-stomping lady. They asked everyone for a break while they gathered themselves from the 2011 filled with injuries and disappointment, only to ...
  14. Twin Season of the Past - Gary Gaetti's 1986

    A couple months ago, a bunch of extremely talented baseball writers came together to write a book about players who are not Hall of Fame worthy, but had careers worth remembering. The book is called The Hall of Very Good The Hall of Nearly Great. It is an eBook, it highlights about 40 players and it is amazing. It was a Kickstarter deal, and I can say I proudly contributed. There are three Twins profiled in this book: Frank Viola, Brad Radke and Mr. Battery-Magnet himself, Chuck Knoblauch. ...
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