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  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Interesting article Brad. Good for you.

    Personally, I wouldn't cheer for the Yankees if they were playing Al Qaeda.
  2. Brad Swanson's Avatar
  3. Willihammer's Avatar
    And here I thought "refract" meant "nap."

    After reading these rankings, I was left asking myself "whose rookie card price could possibly rank higher than Joe Mauer's?" A champion must be crowned!
  4. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Phew! It was a real relief to read this, after publishing my own draft recap blog only to find that you wrote coherently and amusingly, whereas I tossed out random mascot trivia.

    I really like the recaps and especially the human interest stories, and I do hope that Zach Granite and Ivory Thomas have many fine sculptural conversations.
  5. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Thanks! Zimmermann is great. I was surprised how good his stats were over the past three seasons. I agree with you on Florimon and Parmelee. With Florimon, I'm employing blind optimism, just because the Twins rarely keep a competent shortstop and they seem to like Florimon. I'm with you on Parmelee and I'm about ready to see him put on the bench.
  6. Willihammer's Avatar
    For all the mods encouragement of people to blog, its a small crime that nobody front paged this one. A+ post.

    My thoughts:

    A. Its time to start referring to Jordan Zimmerman as an ace. Which gives the Nats, what, 3 aces when everyone's healthy?

    B. I'm just not buying that Florimon's current numbers reflect his true talent, but I don't really have any statistical backing for that opinion. His plate discipline has improved for the 2nd straight year. His defense has been fine (this past weekend notwithstanding). Even his BABIP could stand to gain a few points probably. But my eyes are telling me that he is Alexi Casilla 2.0. Hope I'm wrong.

    C. Parmelee. I've been a skeptic all along and I really hope the Twins don't bend any further over finding a way to get him playing time. The overwhelming majority of his professional career has been mediocre, save a few hot weeks in AAA in 2012. But even Clete Thomas can get hot for a few weeks in AAA. I hope neither of those guys stops Arcia getting a full share of playing time now that his shoulder's better.

    D. I watched a few of Liriano's starts, including one a few weeks ago where he struck out 7 in a row, tie-ing a Pirates franchise record. He's still filthy, his changeup has been especially filthy this year, but he still falls behind out of the stretch more than he should. He has been bailed out on more than one ocassion by Clint Hurdle's shifts though. That said, he has been nearly unhittable out of the windup. Side note, I'm going to go ahead and predict Hurdle for MoY in the NL right now. The Pirates are a good team.
    Updated 06-10-2013 at 10:47 PM by Willihammer
  7. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    I aim to please...

  8. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Thanks again! I'll look for a good Keith Atherton card to photoshop for the future. I'm always willing to take requests.
  9. chuchadoro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Swanson
    Thanks guys! I'm totally irrational about two things: Aaron Hicks and putting Gary Wayne's head on things.
    I'm more of a Keith Atherton guy but to each his own. Great article, as always!

    Also, thanks for linking to your draft write ups, I didn't have the chance to read many of them right away.
  10. BigDawg's Avatar
    Hilarious and entertaining as always. Don't stop writing, please!
  11. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I'm totally irrational about two things: Aaron Hicks and putting Gary Wayne's head on things.
  12. Gernzy's Avatar
    Gary Waynes picture...freaky...yet awesome!
    Great blog as always. Just the humor I needed on this crazy work day.
  13. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    This was enlightening.
    Your Clete Thomas hate is directly tied to your infatuation with Hicks!

    This was useful to see, as I was wondering why you had suddenly (?) become so odd. Clete Thomas is not going to ruin this season for the Twins. Hicks does not need to play 162 games this year. That probably isn't best for him.

    Always a pleasure. Fun to see your answers to these questions you pretend people asked you.
  14. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgoat_MN
    This whole series was fun. I tried to ignore it but accidentally clicked on one the other day. So I then read them all.

    Thank you Brad!
    I am grateful for that accidental click. I'm glad you enjoyed them!
  15. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    This whole series was fun. I tried to ignore it but accidentally clicked on one the other day. So I then read them all.

    Thank you Brad!
  16. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Yeah, I don't think either team would go for it.
  17. nicksaviking's Avatar
    Great write up. I don't know why I didn't read the previous ones but I will certainly go back and check them out now.

    Trading up for Verlander sounds like an awesome idea, but it would have required the Twins to open up the wallet. San Deigo drafted Bush over Verlander surely because they weren't going to pay Verlander's price tag. The Twins always were in the same boat as the Padres, they too were known to avoid paying large draft signing bonuses back in the day when that was more relevant.

    Besides, Ryan has always seemed to prefer the rare quantity over quality approach.
  18. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    I would say that a first is fair. For instance, if you asked a team if they would rather have a LaTroy Hawkins-type player or the 28th pick, I'd think a lot of teams would take Hawkins (depending on price). However, the Twins also got a first-round supplemental pick, which seems really high. When Jacque Jones signed with the Cubs, the Twins got a 4th round supplemental pick.

    By the way, your avatar is terrifying.
  19. Willihammer's Avatar
    A 1st round pick way too much compensation for Hawkins? Man I don't know. Hawkins had turned a corner by the end of 2003 and continued to be a very solid middle reliever to this day. And its not like his price ever really went up.
  20. Teflon's Avatar
    Sounds like a good solution for the Twins and for Benson as well.
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