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  1. PopRiveter's Avatar
    I still love Hunter and AJ. I only hate Knoblauch because he blew me off when I saw him at valleyfair as a kid- and then became a Yankee.
    I was glad they made the offer to Torii that they did. I thought it was fair. When he signed with Anaheim, I was equally glad they did not make that offer to him. If he had a career year every year of the deal, Anaheim wasn't going to get a good deal at that price.
    Happy for him! Happy for Denard!
    Well, at the time, I had really low expectations for Denard and was first hoping Jason Tyner would be a stopgap solution at center.

    I can recall thinking, "They have to choose either Hunter or Santana, because they can't keep both, but they can't succeed with neither."
    Those two became very, very rich men. Jason Tyner did not.
  2. PopRiveter's Avatar
    I had never known why Mack went to Japan when he did. He was still so good and no one else seemed to consider it until they couldn't find a job in MLB. I had wondered about that for years. I wasn't reading the sports page yet in 1994. Just yesterday, it was on my mind and I dug up the history and finally got my answer. If I'd waited one more day, you did the work for me!
    We were on some parallel something yesterday, man.
  3. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    I super appreciated Mack in his time with the Twins and so did my baseball comrades at the time. When Mack played for the Twins, I was the age of 14-19. Mack played for the Twins from 1990-1994, and strike his 1993 season, he was a hitting machine. It would have been interesting to see the kind of numbers he would have put up in 1994 if there were not a strike - but you could say that for a lot of players that year. Mack, along with Puckett were our best players during that time. Except for Santana, he has to be the best Rule 5 pick-up the Twins have ever made. I wish the Twins had Shane Mack in his prime now - maybe we could trade him for some above average pitching.
  4. PopRiveter's Avatar
    Love the misguided LeBron comments!
  5. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Thank you very much! If you ever do become a mogul, let me know!
  6. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Oh yeah, Lawton is a good upside comp too. From what I have heard, Benson's defense could be better than all of those we have compared him to, which would be a good bonus if he can get his bat going.
  7. PopRiveter's Avatar
    I too have let myself think Shane Mack as a Benson comparison. However, Benson really hasn't shown at any stop yet that he can be a .300 hitter. Maybe Matt Lawton is a more legitimate best-case-scenario comparison. Bobby Kielty?
  8. PopRiveter's Avatar
    I loved reading this article. Keep writing! I'd hire you for my paper if I were a thriving newspaper mogul, but I'm not and they don't exist... So.
    Keep writing!
  9. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes
    I like the story and I like your style of writing Brad. I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks.
    That is very kind; thank you for the feedback!
  10. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I like the story and I like your style of writing Brad. I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks.
  11. Rick Blaine's Avatar
    Brad Berreman over at Rant Sports suggests the Twins could get Jair Jurrjens from Atlanta for Benson. If that's the case I would jump on it. Jurrjens is worth a gamble and the Twins have many outfielders in the minor leagues that have passed Joe Benson on the prospect chart.

    Although Jurrjens may be a non tender candidate then a trade wouldn't be necessary.
  12. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AllhopeisgoneMNTWINS
    I think his time has passed unfortunately...
    You might be right, but the Twins aren't good enough to give up on him just yet.
  13. AllhopeisgoneMNTWINS's Avatar
    I think his time has passed unfortunately...
  14. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    I was surprised by his age, but I guess I should not have been, based on when he was drafted. I still like his upside, but I'd say he has to show it in 2013 or the other options (Arcia, Hicks) will pass him by.
  15. beckmt's Avatar
    Benson may still have a two or Three year window here to prove himself or he may be a throwin on a deal or obtain pitching. Have not given up on him, but his time is moving by him at a rapid rate.
  16. Rosterman's Avatar
    Benson's time with the Twins may have come and gone. You hope for a good showing, and a nice glimpse if someone is injured in 2013. and then use for potential trade you do have others on his heels. of course, that is assuming he doesn 't become Mike Trout and you still want to stay with, say, Revere.
  17. glunn's Avatar
    You gentlemen have obviously given this a lot of thought and I am enjoying your analysis of what might have happened.
  18. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    You miss one critical point in your analysis: If Cliff Lee is in the Twins' rotation instead of the Rangers', there's a very good chance the Twins aren't even playing the Yankees in the ALDS. The Yankees wanted no part of Cliff Lee in the first round and intentionally tanked the final few games of the season, allowing the Rays to win the AL East so that NY would face Minnesota in the first round while the Rays had to start off against the Rangers. There is no doubt in my mind that, had Lee been on the Twins' staff, the Yankees would have tried much harder to win their Division and very likely would have done so.

    Of course, the Twins record with Lee that year would likely have been a bit different than it turned out to be, so it's impossible to know for sure what the postseason seedings would have been.
    Updated 10-02-2012 at 02:25 PM by Jim Crikket
  19. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    AJ too. I don't really understand it. I guess Hunter was a more beloved figure while here, so he is remembered more fondly.
  20. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    Isn't it crazy how we give him a pass, yet we hate on Knoblauch?
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