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  1. Something Feels Different

    Do you ever get a strange feeling, and you can't put your finger on what it is? Well lately I've had a strange feeling every time on I turn on the Twins game. It's a feeling I haven't had in a while, what is that feeling you ask? Well, it started on Friday night. I turned on the game and I thought to myself, I think the Twins are going to win. Then it happened again on Saturday, then Sunday and then once again tonight. I don't know why, and it is an unfamiliar feeling. Maybe it has to do ...
  2. Best Twins Team of 2000's

    With all of the doom and gloom surrounding Justin Morneau's quotes this morning, I thought we could go back to happier time when the Twins were perennial Central Division Champs. I'll examine the '02, '03, '04, '06, '09 and '10 Division Champion teams everyday over the next week to determine which team was the best of the bunch. Today let's start by taking a look at the '02 Twins.

    2002: The year it all started. Coming out of a strong 2001 campaign that saw them finish 2nd to the Cleveland ...
  3. Wall Street Journal Reports Twins Had 6th Best Off-Season

    This morning the Wall Street Journal decided to talk a little baseball (yay!). They dove into each teams offseason activities and ranked them based on their collective expected WAR (from Fangraphs.com) from acquisitions and losses. They didn't include promotions from within the organizations or demotions within the organizations expected or otherwise except in the case of the Mariner's Montero.

    According to WSJ the Twins came in 6th place this off-season with net WAR increase of 4.4. ...
  4. Free Agents From Within?

    This offseason it seemed as though the Twins were losing free agents and not replacing them. Cuddyer, Kubel and Nathan come to mind right away. But in reality were the Twins picking up a different kind of free agent? These free agents I speak of are the guys already on the roster that can make significant impacts simply by returning to form and staying healthy. During the dismal 99 loss campaign of 2011 the Twins lost two former MVP's (Mauer and Morneau), their spark plug lead off hitter (Span) ...
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