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  1. Dainir's Avatar
    My only question in this is why don't you see Deduno playing a role in this rotation as he had the best year of any Twin's starting pitcher?
  2. howieramone's Avatar
  3. RodneyKline's Avatar
    I said it when the didn't sign Liriano and I say it again. Any team that can not get a pitcher like Liriano, that missed more bats in 2012 than any other MLB pitcher, has a horrible coaching staff. I would love to see a rotation full of Liriano, Deduno and even Baker that don't pitch to contact. They make the games they are in exciting ay least.
  4. DutchFarmer's Avatar
    No Pelfrey. No Harden (minor league contract, I know, but that didn't stop you from adding Matsuzaka, Zambrano, etc.). Also, to nitpick a bit more, let's say they did sign Kuroda for the $15m or even more; that would NOT have eaten up the entire budget. If we make the assumption that they could have spent up to 52% of the revenue that would put them at a max payroll of about $110m. We could have signed 2 Kuroda's and still be within budget.

    Time to stop cheerleading every move the FO makes. I'm all for praising them when they make good moves (i.e. trading the 2 centerfielders for pitching) but why can't we call them out for making decisions that don't appear to be benefiting the team?
  5. spycake's Avatar
    No Pelfrey in the list?

    Also, I think a primary criticism is that the Twins self-imposed budget and short-term contract limit were unnecessary and not in the best interests of the on field product. So I would hesitate to rely much on those factors in his review.
  6. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    Hey this is really coming together nicely...except for Cingrani, Johnson, Drew, Revere, Baker, Bedard, Marcum, Haren, Guererra??, Grilli, Peralta, and Keppinger. I understand this was last November, so you need a little leniency. But hey, you really made some bold predictions. Lots of them. I encourage that.
  7. johnnydakota's Avatar
    some or most of it looks good diehard, i think with the lack of middle infielders avalible through free agency that drew will cost more then that this off season
  8. Brandon's Avatar
    don't think the Twins will do anything with the MI this offseason and those 2 guys will be able to get more IMO. but i think your pitching thoughts are pretty solid.
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