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  1. Jim H's Avatar
    Most baseball fans who are more than casual fans, appreciate stats. I certainly do. But that doesn't mean that stats can't be interpreted in different ways or even shaped to fit your point. Using a single stat to "prove" something is almost always misleading. I really like stats like WHIP and OPS but like all rate stats they hardly tell you the whole story.

    Some of the newer "stats" like UZR are dangerous in the hands of people who don't really understand stats to begin with. Sometime I will would like to write about UZR, since I am not really sure it measures anything tangible about fielding. Still stats like WAR are worse, because nobody knows what they contain, and yet they are a single number that people use to compare the value of different players. Imagine a single number that can tell you to the relative value of a center fielder with 600 ABs and long reliever with 60 innings.
  2. Parker Hageman's Avatar
    When it comes to us blog guys talking about batting stances and pitching motions, I'm inclined to believe the inside baseball guys -- unless you're a specialist who is focusing on that particularly (like Batting Stance Guy), odds are you don't know nearly as much about batting stances as you think you do, and certainly not as much as a guy who makes his living looking at ballplayers and their batting stances.
    Gee, I feel slighted.
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