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  1. Traveling in the Midwest League: Kane County

    It seems like yesterday I was playing for a 12 year old in house championship. Baseball has taken me from the grass backyards of Minnetonka to either coast and a number of places in between. There are moments I will never forget, there are others I would rather forget. Each day baseball teaches me more and more about myself.

    The game recently took me to Kane County for a 4 game series against the Kansas City affiliate. Here is my recap:

    Memorial day weekend is an important ...

    Updated 05-29-2012 at 03:30 PM by Seth Stohs (added photo)

  2. The Diary of a Snapper Off Day

    Baseball dominates a lot of our time in Beloit, so when we have a day off, we are left without an idea of what to do. An early game yesterday followed by an off day left me with loads of free time, but no clue how to fill it. What could I do to fill a day without baseball?

    I woke up early to help Jhonathan Goncalves make a trip to the dentist. He is one of the happiest and nicest guys I have ever met. I was friend/teammate/translator for the morning. The best way to learn a language ...
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