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  1. What is in Samuel Deduno's future?

    Since he joined the Twins last year, the question has been asked repeatedly, “Can Samuel Deduno keep this up?” At the pace he was going last year, with almost a 1:1 strikeout to walk ratio, conventional wisdom tells us that he could not. Lucky for him, and the Twins, he has not continued at that pace. Last year, Deduno walked a batter in 15.3% of plate appearances, but this year that number is down to 9.1%. Sounds great on the surface, but in limiting his walks, he has also decreased his strikeout ...
  2. Comparing Mauer's '12 and '13 and career numbers

    Mauer hitting his 8th home run tonight got me thinking about how this year stacks up against last season and his career. I thought about doing further back, but since '11 was messed up due to the injuries, '10 is starting to get a little far back for my liking for comparative purposes, and '09 is a fluke, I settled on this year, last year and compared them to his career numbers.

    So I'm going to start off with the more traditional stats. (Note: stats are from Fangraphs unless otherwise ...
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