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  1. Big Ten Tournament Conclusion

    Championship: Purdue 6, Indiana 5

    A nearly-empty stadium in Columbus is not the usual setting for a Purdue-IU matchup. Usually the rivalry brings out the best (or worst) of the schools' respective fans in packed stadiums and arenas. The two teams made up for the lack of fan frenzy with a ninth inning brawl around third base, of all places.

    After Field of Twins draft-endorsed catcher Kevin Plawecki's second homer of the tournament and 7th of the season put Purdue up 5-4 ...
  2. Big Ten Tournament Through Two Days

    Game one: Michigan State def. Nebraska 10-9
    Game two: Ohio State def. Penn State 12-5
    Game three: Nebraska eliminated Penn State 12-3
    Game four: Indiana def. Michigan State 6-4
    Game five: Purdue def. Ohio State 5-4

    Game-by-game player notables:

    In game one, Tony Bucciferro was very good, giving up only one earned run in 8 innings.
    In game two, Jaron Long struggled for Ohio State, only going three innings.
    In game three, Michael Pritchard ...
  3. Top 50 Twins Prospects 2012 (update)

    Here is an update on my top 50 prospects list from February. I will actually construct a new list soon.

    1. Miguel Sano (2): Confirming the unanimous #1 ranking. Will go through some ups and downs this year and strikes out a lot, but his ceiling keeps getting higher. Ranking status: stays at the top.

    2. Aaron Hicks (1): Some scoffed at keeping Hicks so high. This season is a mixed bag of good and not-so-good for Hicks (as is true of many New Britain players, see throughout). ...
  4. Big Ten Tournament Time

    Final standings:
    1. Purdue 17-7 .708 41-12 .774
    2. Indiana 16-8 .667 30-26 .536
  5. A Roster Full of Good Twins Minor Leaguers

    Because there has to be something positive to talk about, and in part as a lead-in to going through my top 50 prospects heading into the year, there are a number of players of interest to look at instead of looking at Carl Pavano, Jason Marquis, and Nick Blackburn starts. Here are 6 stories at each currently-playing level (and one extra):

    At Rochester:
    1. Ben Revere is hitting well again, and while he is not drawing walks, it is interesting to see that batting average rise above ...
  6. Prospect watch update

    I waited almost a full month to update the status of my "prospects to watch." I actually wish I could attribute the lag to laziness, but I was waiting for some of these guys to turn it around so that I would look smarter. It didn't really work out that well, but there is some progress:


    JD Williams, OF (Age: 21.6, SH): 111 PA, .222/.306/.313 (.619), 7/1/0, 11/34, 8/10. Williams is exciting and he is slowly hitting better as the year goes on. End of Year: ...
  7. Big Ten Update and Draft-worthy Player Update

    1. Purdue 16-5 .762 39-10 .796
    2. Penn State 13-8 .619 27-24 .529
    Indiana 13-8 .619 26-26 .500
  8. Liriano and "high-leverage" situations

    Well, about three weeks after I called for it, Francisco Liriano is moving to the bullpen. Plenty of people like this move and yet they and others would seem to prefer Liriano be used only in a mop-up role or anything staying away from "high-leverage" situations.

    First, there must be some way for the 2012 Presidential candidates to work "high-leverage" into the political overused meme/slogan world like "change" and "family values" and "job ...
  9. Moving in the Minors

    The Twins will start making their second round of minor league moves in the next few weeks leading up to the draft and the beginning of the short season. Here are some moves that should be made sooner than later:


    Release: Joe Thurston and Clete Thomas (neither one is worth keeping around, stealing plate appearances from players who are either prospects or who could be fill-ins for the Twins in a pinch). I am tired of keeping around such players for no good reason. ...
  10. Big Ten Update


    Purdue 14-4, 35-9
    Indiana 11-7, 24-24
    Michigan State 10-8, 29-16
    Minnesota 10-8, 28-22
    Penn State 10-8, 24-23
    Ohio State 11-10, 27-20
    Nebraska 9-9, 29-18
    Illinois 7-11, 19-24
    Michigan 6-12, 19-28
    Northwestern 5-16, 16-29

    Draft watch:
    Kevin Plawecki, C, Purdue
    .367/.460./.566, 17/2/4, 20/7, 2/5
    Draft projection: 2-3 rounds

    Eric Charles, 2B, Purdue
    .374/.443/.443, 10/1/0, ...
  11. Big Ten Update

    Current Big Ten standings:
    (Conference record, overall record)

    1. Purdue 12-3, 31-6
    2. Michigan State 7-5, 26-13
    Minnesota 7-5, 23-19
    4. Nebraska 8-7, 26-15
    5. Penn State 6-6, 18-21
    6. Indiana 6-6, 18-22
    7. Ohio State 7-8, 22-18
    8. Illinois 5-7, 22-17
    Iowa 5-7, 16-19
    10. Michigan 4-8, 17-24
    11. Northwestern 5-10, 13-23

    Standings summary: There are only 4 teams in the conference that could be called good. ...
  12. Lirano Should Move to the Bullpen

    This has been a few years in the making, and until now I have been completely against it because his value as a starter seemed so immense when he was on, but now it is time to move Francisco Liriano to the bullpen.

    Here are the reasons:

    1. Aside from 2010, he has been marginally good to pretty bad as a starter for the past 4+ seasons.
    2. Starters who move to the bullpen generally throw harder given that they are amped up for one or two innings as opposed to 6-9. ...
  13. Prospect watch update (and a few additions)

    Earlier this spring I listed 10 mid-lower tier prospects to watch this year as I expected breakout seasons from each of them. This is an update on eight of them (Nate Roberts is on the DL and Angel Mata is in extended spring training) as well as an introduction to two more players off to strong starts this season.


    JD Williams, OF (Age: 21.5, SH): Williams is off to a slow start with the bat, but is still getting on base. Stats: 26 AB, .115/.324/.154, 1 2B, 0 3B, ...
  14. Big Ten Roundup

    This week I will focus on the in-conference games, discussing each series, and how some draft prospects performed.

    Minnesota vs. Northwestern:

    The Gophers swept the Wildcats 2-1, 2-1, and 6-0 in the weekend series. Friday's game featured the dominance of pitcher T.J. Oakes, who gave up 1 run in 8 1/3 innings pitched. He struck out 7 without giving up a walk. In the second game of the series, D.J. Snelten picked up where Oakes left off. Snelten went 7 2/3 innings, giving up only ...
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