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  1. Update on 10 minor leaguers to watch

    In judging my ability to note appropriate "minor" minor leaguers to watch, the first update must address the fundamental question: are these guys still worthy of keeping an eye on. I think the answer for each is yes, though I am starting to be concerned about a couple of these guys. With that, here is the update:

    Dereck Rodriguez (EST, E-Town or CR): Dereck is likely going to be in E-Town as soon as that season starts.

    J.D. Williams (CR): J.D. is in a slump at ...
  2. Pre-draft prospect list

    Here is my updated prospect list as the Twins head into the draft. I do this in order to provide context for my post-draft list. The post-draft list will be in detail (pre-season ranking in parentheses).

    1. Byron Buxton (4)
    2. Miguel Sano (1)
    3. Oswaldo Arcia (3)
    4. Kyle Gibson (8)
    5. Alex Meyer (5)
    6. Eddie Rosario (6)
    7. Jose Berrios (7)
    8. Jorge Polanco (28)
    9. Trevor May (10)
    10. Max Kepler (9)
    11. Travis Harrison (12) ...
  3. Near and Far, 2: Positional Analysis (2B)

    Second base is a problem area for the Twins and has been since Luis Castillo. Here's a look at the state of the system from top to bottom, in detail:


    Brian Dozier: RH, DOB: 5-15-87. STATS: .205/.250/.279 (.529), 2/2/1, 8-29, 3-3.

    I was a fan of Brian Dozier up until May of this year. I worry about his ability to be a competent player in the major leagues at this point. His defense at second is good, but he is abysmal at the plate. His walk/strikeout ...
  4. Near and Far, 1: Positional Analysis (1B)

    This is the first part in a series examining the Twins system, position-by-position in order to get both a near and long-term perspective of Twins' system. With regard to first base, there are a number of question marks, certainly, but it also seems to be the case that there is some hope both in the near future and definitely down the road.

    Let's go from top to bottom, starting with the Twins:


    Justin Morneau: LH, DOB: 5-15-81. STATS: .296/.340/.415 ...
  5. Twins 2013: A Start that Impresses

    I am not sure many really expected all of this.

    The Twins are now 8-7 and have won four games in a row. This is while starting without their best 2012 starting pitcher for nine games, with Vance Worley being bad until his fourth start, with a horribly struggling rookie in Aaron Hicks, with Justin Morneau at even sub-2012 levels of production, with Ryan Doumit struggling, with . . . . well you get the idea.

    The fact that the Twins are over .500 is surprising when you consider ...
  6. My 10 minor league players to watch

    Last year's crew didn't do so well overall, especially the pitchers. This year only one of the 10 players returns to the list. These are guys under the radar a bit, but could have breakout or breakthrough seasons (from bottom to top of system):

    1. Dereck Rodriguez (EST, E-Town or CR): Rodriguez had a solid 2012 season when healthy. He is turning 21 in June and has been moved very cautiously in the Twins system (much like Nate Roberts). I have to imagine that he ends 2013 with Cedar ...
  7. Prospect movement trends 2012-2013

    It is time to return to an analysis of the farm system in terms of how prospects by position are moving up, moving down, appearing, disappearing, or reappearing on this year's list.

    This is an attempt to gauge the overall status of the system from year to year and entails, indirectly, an analysis of the 2012 draft, but also the development of players still in the system and the emergence of talent up into the big leagues.

    I used the 2012 compilation list from myself, ...
  8. My 25-man roster

    Here it goes:

    Hicks, CF
    Mauer, C
    Willingham, LF
    Morneau, 1B
    Doumit, DH
    Plouffe, 3B
    Parmelee, RF
    Dozier, 2B
    Florimon, SS

    Bench: Carroll, Escobar, Boggs, Ramirez/Colabello

    Note: I don't care about Dozier and Florimon at the bottom (Carroll will fill in), I like a Hicks-Mauer-Willingham first inning a great deal.


    (Diamond DL) ...
  9. Prospect list in depth, Part Eight: 1-5

    This concludes my 1-60 prospect list in depth. I hope it is helpful for everyone to get a grasp of the depth of the system and to help in formulating one's own top 20 or 30 prospects lists.

    Note: yes, neither Randy Rosario nor Anthony Slama appear in this top 60, and for entirely different reasons. Rosario needs to have a good 2013, and Slama appears to be done in the system, or it doesn't even matter to include him anywhere.

    Also, note: I am going to analyze the prospect ...
  10. Prospect list in depth, Part Seven: 6-10

    10. Trevor May (DOB: 9-23-89), RH starter: May came over with Vance Worley in the Ben Revere trade. That trade was a steal for the Twins. Not only did they get a competent middle of the rotation guy for 2013, but they got another for 2014 or 2015 in May. There has been some talk about Mayís struggles in AA in 2012 and the potential move to the bullpen. I am not at all clear as to why such nonsense has been uttered. If one actually looks at the numbers, May in 2010 at A ball was dominant. He struck ...
  11. Prospect list in depth, Part Six: 11-15

    This is the sixth part of my detailed prospect list. These five are impressive in various ways with power, plate discipline, and speed that makes the Twins offensive prowess in the system start to seem pretty impressive before even cracking the top 10.

    15. Adam Walker (DOB: 10-18-91), RH right fielder: Walkerís .250/.310/.496 line at Elizabethon is impressive, but it doesnít overwhelm. However, he hit 14 homers, 7 doubles, and 4 triples in 254 plate appearances, continues to work hard ...
  12. Prospect list in depth, Part Five: 16-20

    The fifth installment is comprised of 5 high upside guys who could all be very good major leaguers. I guarantee that at least one of them will be very good, another will be good, and the other three will all make it to contribute in a real way (or be used in a trade).

    20. Matt Hauser (DOB: 3-30-88), RH reliever/starter: Hauser has a mid 90s fastball, a sinker, a slider, and a changeup. He was great at Fort Myers in relief then started some games successfully and moved up to New Britain ...
  13. Prospect list in depth, Part Four: 21-30

    In the fourth installment, things start to get quite interesting with some strong upside talents and some almost tragic time-is-of-the-essence prospects in limbo.

    30. Mason Melotakis (DOB: 6-28-91), LH reliever: Melotakis was moved quickly from Elizabethon to Beloit last year and didnít miss a beat. The hard-throwing lefty (mid 90s fastball) also has a great power slider. In 17+ innings at Beloit last year he gave up only 4 earned runs, struck out 24 and walked 4. He could fly up this ...

    Updated 01-05-2013 at 03:30 PM by Shane Wahl

  14. Prospect list in depth, Part Three: 31-40

    This is the third segment in my prospect list breakdown. These ten have good-to-great upside in most cases and essentially all of them are facing crucial seasons in their development, for various reasons.

    40. Angel Morales (DOB: 11-24-89), RH outfielder: After the 2010 season, I placed Morales at number 5 on my prospect list. That was a bit high for him, but he certainly made the vast majority of top 10 lists. Morales spent half of 2010 in Fort Myers and has been there ever since, battling ...
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