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  1. The New Top 70 Twins Prospects

    My post 2014 draft list of the top 70 prospects in the Twins organization:

    1. Byron Buxton
    2. Miguel Sano
    3. Alex Meyer
    4. Jose Berrios
    5. Kohl Stewart
    6. Eddie Rosario
    7. Jorge Polanco
    8. Kennys Vargas
    9. Nick Gordon
    10. Danny Santana
    11. Trevor May
    12. Stephen Gonsalves
    13. Nick Burdi
    14. Travis Harrison
    15. Lewis Thorpe
    16. Adam Walker
    17. Max Kepler
    18. Sean Gilmartin
  2. Plenty of Needed Promotions

    Here are some possible promotions throughout the minor league system. This is not meant as an actual prediction or plan, but I am simply laying out the possibilities.

    From Cedar Rapids to Fort Myers:

    J.D. Williams (OF)
    Jason Kanzler (CF)
    Mitch Garver (C, 1B)
    Chad Christensen (OF, 1B)
    Ivory Thomas (OF)

    Kohl Stewart (RHS)
    Todd Van Steensel (RHR)
    Hudson Boyd (RHR)
    Jared Wilson (RHR)

    (release John Murphy) ...
  3. 2014 Prospect list

    Here is my updated prospect list given the recent trade, releases, and injuries. This will be the last time Josmil Pinto appears on my prospect list. In two years he has moved from 50 to 5. This is yet another justification for building out long prospect lists like this.

    1. Byron Buxton
    2. Miguel Sano
    3. Alex Meyer
    4. Kohl Stewart
    5. Josmil Pinto
    6. J.O. Berrios
    7. Eddie Rosario
    8. Jorge Polanco
    9. Stephen Gonsalves
    10. ...
  4. Twins Top 65 Prospects (11-20)

    I am continuing my countdown of the top 65 (now 66) prospects in the Twins system. Newly acquired Sean Gilmartin makes an appearance. This is not for effect, this really is where I think he belongs on the Twins prospect list.

    (new) 21. Sean Gilmartin, LHS, DOB: 5-8-90

    2013 Rk/A/AAA (AAA statistics): 91 innings pitched, 5.74 ERA, 65 strikeouts/33 walks (7.0/2.3 career K/BB)

    Gilmartin was acquired in a trade for Ryan Doumit, and it is another successful move ...
  5. Twins Top 65 Prospects (21-30)

    30. Aderlin Mejia, SS/2B/Util, SH, DOB: 5/12/92
    2013 A+: 328 plate appearances, .308/.359/.349 (.708, .664 career), 10 doubles, 1 triple, 0 homers, 26 walks, 30 strikeouts, 14 stolen bases, 10 times caught stealing

    Mejia has been fortunate to be in the right place (Fort Myers) at the right time when that team suddenly needs a player due to injury. Mejia ran with the opportunity this year at Fort Myers, even though he basically jumped from the GCL. That's a big jump, but Mejia ...
  6. Twins Top 65 Prospects (31-40)

    This continues my prospect countdown. This is quite an interesting mix of players, for Minier to D. Romero, and the inclusion of Nate Roberts and Adrian Salcedo.

    40. Amaurys Minier, 3B, SH, DOB: 1/30/96
    2013 GCL: 119 PA, .214/.252/.455 (.707), 5 doubles, 2 triples, 6 homers, 6 walks, 29 strikeouts, 1 stolen base, 1 time caught stealing

    There should be a fair amount of excitement surrounding Minier as he put up these numbers in the GCL before his 18th birthday. ...
  7. Top 65 Twins Prospects (41-50)

    Continuing my top 65 prospects. Here are 50-41:

    50. Jason Wheeler, LHS, DOB: 10/27/90 2013 A+: 143.1, 3.70, 91/58 (6.2/3.0)

    Wheeler walked more and struck out fewer in fewer innings at Fort Myers than his 2012 effort in Beloit. He has logged 300 innings in the past two seasons with a 3.57 ERA. I have to imagine he is heading back to Fort Myers to improve his K/BB rate in 2014.

    49. Dan Rohlfing, C/corner OF, RH, DOB: 2/12/89
    2013 AA/AAA (combined stats): ...
  8. Twins Top 65 Prospects (51-65 and HM)

    I have scrapped my earlier project of going by YOB. Why? Well, it took long enough to do . . . for things to slightly change in my mind here and there, so that the numbers were going to be messed up. Making a prospect list always involves weighing a bunch of different factors: floor/ceiling, durability, progress through the system, starter vs. reliever, positional versatility, etc. So it had changed enough for me to just go back to the old-fashioned way of constructing such a list.

  9. End of Year Prospect List (YOB 1990)

    Before jumping into 1990's class, I have to add in a player born in 1988 who I mistakenly skipped over.

    50. Lester Oliveros, RHR, DOB: 5/28/88

    AAA, but 2013 GCL: 6.1 IP, 8 strikeouts, 3 walks.

    Oliveros is making his way back from injury but is still a promising reliever. He should be off to AAA to start 2014 with a chance to make it again with the Twins soon.

    Now, getting on with it.

    There are 13 players born in 1990 who make it on ...
  10. End of Year Prospect List (1989 YOB)

    There are 20 players born in 1989 who make my end of 2013 Twins prospect list. I remember the very day that one of them was born, Michael Tonkin, because he was born on my ninth birthday and I remember it well. The 1989 bunch range from AAA/MLB players in Tonkin and Josmil Pinto down to current low-A pitchers, Tim Shibuya and Madison Boer.

    1989 (20):
    10. Josmil Pinto, C, RH, DOB: 3/31/89

    2013 AA/AAA/MIN (AA/AAA stats): 528 plate appearances, .309/.400/.482 (.882) ...
  11. End of Year Prospect List (A New Angle)

    As the minor league seasons wind down and the trading period is over for the season, I have established my new Twins prospect list heading into the offseason. While I will post the full list at the end of this series, I decided to take a different approach and list the players not in rank order, but in year of birth order. Within each calendar year I then order players by level in the system, not by actual birthdate.

    The period goes from 1986 to 1996, which was an interesting fact ...

    Updated 09-01-2013 at 04:14 PM by Shane Wahl

  12. Trading Away: The Position Players

    This is the time when people often make some wild trade speculations. I try not to do that here, but to propose who could be traded and what is realistic to get in return. The Twins can do very well here if they are willing to be sellers.

    The Twins are going to have to make some key decisions about who to keep and what they can get for 2014 and beyond. In what follows, I lay out some moves that could be made for the short and long term as the Twins try to figure out 2014 and the future. ...
  13. Yangervis Solarte vs. Brian Dozier

    In the 2011 season, the New Britain Rock Cats featured a dynamic lineup for the second half of the season which consisted primarily of Brian Dozier (SS), Chris Herrmann (C/LF), Chris Parmelee (1B/RF), Joe Benson (CF), and Yangervis Solarte (2B/LF). None of these five would see any AAA time in 2011 and only Parmelee and Benson saw September action with the Twins. After the season, the Twins committed to Brian Dozier going forward and Yangervis Solarte left as a minor league free agent, signing with ...
  14. Update on 10 minor leaguers to watch

    In judging my ability to note appropriate "minor" minor leaguers to watch, the first update must address the fundamental question: are these guys still worthy of keeping an eye on. I think the answer for each is yes, though I am starting to be concerned about a couple of these guys. With that, here is the update:

    Dereck Rodriguez (EST, E-Town or CR): Dereck is likely going to be in E-Town as soon as that season starts.

    J.D. Williams (CR): J.D. is in a slump at ...
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