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  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    As it looks to be another lost season, this makes some sense.

    Just don't trade him for nothing. I would like to see them get a guy who may be a higher risk but has a high ceiling rather than worrying about his floor.

    Way too much of that goes on in this organization. For example, our GM's risk aversion has us starting Nolasco rather than Kazmir, though Kazmir's was the cheaper and more short term contract.
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    I would've traded Correia for the aging lefty the Yanks traded for McCarthy, too.
  3. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Thanks for the article.

    I would be happy with a couple of C prospects with the upside of youth on their side similar to the return for Liriano.
  4. glunn's Avatar
    What about his defense?
  5. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Great topic for your first blog... hopefully the first of many.

    1.) I fear that Morneau will come back when he realizes that other teams are not likely to pay him a lot.
    2.) I probably wouldn't go over 1 year and $3-4 million (and throw in some incentives)
    3.) Tampa Bay likes reclamation projects. Seattle may be interested in Morales leaves. There are some options. Pittsburgh might be one.
    4.) Short-term, probably not.
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