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  1. Scott Boras: Jacoby Ellsbury & The State of MLB Free Agency

    Jacoby Ellsbury, healthy only 2 of the past 4 seasons, and his agent Scott Boras are prowling the streets of the free agent market with the notion that Carl Crawford's $142M contract is well, "an old contract."

    Ellsbury who has a career AVG/OBP/SLG .297/.350/.439, a single GG, one season where he hit over 10 home runs, missed two of his last four seasons with injuries, he's 30 years old, and his agent believes he should get upwards of 7 yrs $180M.

    Scott Boras ...
  2. Mauer's Move: The Twins & It's Impact Concerning The Hall of Fame

    And just when you think you may never read another news story about a professional athlete that isn't narcissistic in nature, thereís Joe Mauer's move to first base. In a word: selfless.
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    Some might argue it's not that selfless, as it's in the best interest of his health. Which it could be, but first basemen arenít any more immune to concussions than any other position as his close friend, Justin Morneau, a first baseman, experience a career changed ...

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  3. Red Sox thankful to not have to chase players like Santana or Nolasco

    I personally don't think the Twins should chase 30+ yr old pitchers. Only exception to 'add an arm' is when you're contending and one piece could make the difference.

    Here's an article found on a Boston Red Sox forum. Thought it was interesting they, who have little to no need for pitching (they did chase on Ryan Dempster though - which didn't turn out very well) and tried to get a few games out of Jake Peavy (in season trade).

    Lackey was a signing, ironically, at age ...

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  4. MLB 2014 Draft: Assessing Value of a Shortstop vs a Pitcher in 2014

    In lieu of the possible trade rumors (and likely just rumors) of the Cardinals availability of starting pitchers Lance Lynn and Shelby Miller in hopes of finding a top shortstop.

    The 2014 rule 5 Draft in June is already being touted as a pitcher heavy draft. The amount of high school pitchers throwing 92+ mph is easily 15 and counting, while the college pitchers heavily populating preliminary mock drafts with some showing as many as 15 1st round college pitchers taken already. It's ...
  5. The New York Yankees looking to crash the Draft Party?

    The New York Yankees extended qualifying offers to three of their 13 free agents.

    Robinson Cano, Hiroki Kuroda, and Curtis Granderson.

    Cano, they clearly were wanting to sign to a multi-year deal before he would hit free agency. Kuroda, they are perhaps not wild about as a 38 year old, but for $14M he's as good a bet as any for a 'decent' season. But Granderson, it would appear that the Yankees extended a qualifying offer to Granderson in hopes of jumping into one of ...

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  6. Cardinals in the market for a Shortstop: Miller & Lance Lynn Rumored to be available

    If you're the Twins, do you make a call, and, if so, what's your offer?


    If I'm Texas, I call them and offer Andrus.
  7. The 2013 Boston Red Sox: Worst to World Series

    How did they do it? What were the changes?

    How does a team 'unload' most of it's talent and not really seem to acquire much more, yet, come out on top as it seems the Red Sox have done.

    The 1991 Minnesota Twins went from 'worst to first'...as did the Atlanta Braves that year.

    The 2012 Red Sox had:
    Carl Crawford ($102.5M over the next 5 yrs)
    Adrian Gonzalez ($127M over the next 6 yrs, Red Sox pay $3.9M/yr thru '15)
    Marlon Byrd
    Josh ...
  8. White Sox Sign Jose Abreu: Donkey Kong Part II

    Twins Fans,

    It was just announced yesterday that the Chicago White Sox signed Jose Abreu to a 6 year $68 million dollar deal.

    Letís not get our undies in a bunch over the Chicago White Sox signing of Adam Dunn Part II. First a little on our Midwest American League Central neighbors.

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    Lest we forget, this is the same White Sox management that signed Adam Dunn to a 4yr/$56M deal.

    Adam Dunn. Jose Abreu. ...

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  9. Arizona Fall League is Underway - Kepler is the Twins Star of the AFL So Far

    Not that I thought his 40-man roster spot was ever in doubt.

    But he's the best performing Twin so far in the ARZ Fall League, which started on Oct 8.

    Here's a story on Kepler and his performance in his last game.

    Here's the Twins stats - they're on the Glendale Desert Dogs.

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  10. A Look At The Numbers: Yu Darvish vs. Masahiro Tanaka

    It's eery how similar they are statistically.

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    If you go by the numbers alone - you would say that Tanaka would command almost an identical buyout and contract. However, as we know, often for doing the 'exact same thing' a player now gets more than the guy who sets the precedent as the first player has to absorb the 'risk' perceptions to his contract. Darvish got 6yr/$60M, $52M to get exclusive negotiating rights.

    And I also have the league ...
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  11. Pitching and Playoffs: Through the Farm System, Free Agency, or Trades?

    After seeing the David Price post fly around concerning trading a lot of Prospects for him - which made me quiver and get the sweats to even entertain such a thought when the names of Buxton/Sano and 3-4 other prospects were thrown around so lightly.

    Then other posts still say, "Free Agency" the Twins need to spend to 'be competitive' or to 'be a winner' they need to spend.

    Well, how did the most successful teams of 2013 make it to the playoffs?


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  12. Paul Molitor Talks Sano, Buxton, & the Organization Being Open to New Ideas

    I'm not sure how much others in the organization are on the same page as Paul Molitor, but he is in the organization and a person gaining more and more influence.

    He was interviewed on 1500espn Thursday.

    Bullet List:
    - Robinson Cano getting $305M
    - Dozier and Arcia are bright spots.
    - Dozier should hit around .270 when all said and done.
    - Twins Front Office being open to putting something exciting on the field, point blank, seeing if young players ...
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  13. Roster Realities: Free Agent Starting Pitching & The 2014 Twins Offense

    Click image for larger version. 

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    tarting Pitching in 2014 - even if the Twins signed 3 Clayton Kershaw's this off-season, they're not going to be able to compete. Way too many holes. We have 2...maybe 3 serviceable pitchers. Maybe a 4th if Scott Diamond/Andrew Albers proves he can pitch something other than in game BP (e.g. x< 4.00 ERA).

    It may be interesting to note if we did actually come across 3 Clayton Kershaw's, with our offense (3.84 runs per 9 innings) - assuming ...

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