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  1. halfchest's Avatar
    What about Elvis Andrus,

    he's coming off a down year, The Rangers allegedly would like to shed some payroll by selling either Kinsler or Andrus. He's got a huge contract is the scary part but he's only 24, plays stellar defense and is a career .350 OBP guy. Thinks of a top four in 2015 of Buxton,Andrus, Mauer, Sano? Can the Twins afford to have a guy that has 15 million locked up for the next 10 years? Figuring price per wins increases and he gets better as he hits his prime I think it's a worthwhile risk. He's been pretty consistent prior to this last year and his WAR has valued him at 14 million or more in 4 of 5 years in the league.

    Not sure what it would take to get him but I have to think it's cheaper than Profar due to his contract alone. Wonder if the Rangers would bite on Arcia and a high upside low level guy. I hate dealing Arcia as he's our only corner outfield power bat near the majors and I think his value only goes up next year. Same could be said for Andrus though and finding an Andrus in FA is going to be much harder than finding a corner outfielder with a power bat.
  2. richardkr34's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by goulik
    As long as Sano, Buxton, Meyers, Stewart are not in the trade, I would give up 3 Prospects for an MLB ready SS who is still Arb/Pre-Arb. How many would depend on years of control before FA but yeah! Get er done!!
    Actually, the Rangers are looking more for a power bat, so Arcia and Berrios might be a better package. If it took, say, adding in Adam Brett Walker or Kepler, I'd throw that in, too. I'm confident a package of Arcia, Berrios, and Walker would easily get it done. Rosario could shift back to the OF and the Twins could rely on Sano, Buxton, and Dozier for power going forward.

    I'm really bullish on the Twins' rotation post-2014 if we can get some guys to bridge the gap to a Meyer/Stewart-led pitching corps (2016ish). With the money the Twins have to spend, they could easily sign Porcello to an extension through 2019 (he has two years of team control left, so a four-year deal wouldn't be out of the question), and that would allow the Twins to bring guys like Jorge, Thorpe, Gonsalves, and Stewart into the fold. Hughes could be signed to a one-year deal as a placeholder for Meyer, and Garza would probably have to be signed until 2018. The Twins are in a great position to add another top 3 arm in the upcoming draft (Kolek? Hoffman?), so getting rid of Berrios shouldn't be that big of a hit on the system, considering there are bigger ceiling guys lower in the system (Jorge, Stewart and Thorpe), and if the Twins sign a proven MLB starter (and yes, Porcello is proven, just not necessarily a #3 starter or above...yet), it's insurance against prospect attrition, which will surely happen.

    But again, none of this will happen. I saw one of the guys I follow on twitter suggesting that the Twins sign Shin Shoo Choo because, well, he's good and it would excite the fanbase. I think a better way to excite the fan base is to add a player who can play SS for the foreseeable future at a high rate, who's a former #1 overall prospect in the game, with the knowledge that the current #1 prospect is coming in the next couple of years.

    But that's just wishful thinking...
  3. goulik's Avatar
    As long as Sano, Buxton, Meyers, Stewart are not in the trade, I would give up 3 Prospects for an MLB ready SS who is still Arb/Pre-Arb. How many would depend on years of control before FA but yeah! Get er done!!
  4. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    That's some fun stuff that will never happen.

    Does look fun, though.

    P.S. If you can get Jurickson Profar for that do you pull the trigger? We got Florimon and Escobar at SS and no one else coming any time soon. Intriguing...

  5. gunnarthor's Avatar
    Howie - re: the power arms. One point Parks made in his podcast was that some of these k-guys might not be k-guys in the majors. He brought up Berrios in particular as a guy he likes but his stuff might not lead to a lot of strike outs in the majors. And he reminded us that a lot of low k-guys in the majors struck out a lot of guys in the minors. Slowey avg 8.4. Radke 7.0. Baker avg about 8 at AA and AAA.

    Meyer will strike out guys and Parks liked Jorge longterm for that, as well. But it's a good reminder that the k's don't always travel.
  6. howieramone's Avatar
    5 are starting pitching prospects and 5 are International signing. We may have been late to the dance a decade ago Internationally, but have more than made up for it. This is a competitive advantage for us going forward.

    Also, the more recent change in looking for more power arms, appears to be meeting with some success.
  7. beckmt's Avatar
    Thorpe is higher than I have seen, that might be a good thing. It looks like Dozier will have to play shortstop to be a long term fixture here, both Rosario and Polanco can hit. Future looks bright if most of these and the next 15 pan out. Still expect some to fail, just hopefully not almost all. Pitching will be the key.
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