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  1. 3 Twins Prospects Who Have Been Much Better Than Their Numbers Indicate

    Here are three legitimate prospects (all are 1.7 years younger than the average player in their respective leagues, according to Baseball Reference) who, at first glance, appear to be struggling so far in 2014. A closer examination, however, tells a different story:

    Taylor Rogers (AA SP)

    • 32.2 IP in 8 GS
    • The bad:
      • 5.36 ERA
      • 1.53 WHIP

    • Why heís better than his numbers:

    The obvious indicator is his 3.50 FIP, almost 2 full runs lower than his ERA; ...
  2. Danny Santana: Shortstop of the Future?

    Shortstop appears to be the weakest position in the Twins organization. Danny Santana is the closest legitimate SS prospect to the majors. But with a .691 OPS this season and 29 errors already (Alexei Ramirez leads all shortstops with 21), does Santana have a legitimate chance to be a franchise shortstop? Hereís a closer look.

    Here are Santanaís numbers the last 3 seasons:

  3. Prospects Who Have Made Underappreciated Improvements

    Here are 4 prospects that are showing major signs of improvement that have generally gone unnoticed.
    JaDamion Williams (LF)
    2012 (A): 9.6%BB 28.3%K .34BB/K .106 ISO 9.6%IFB .651OPS
    2013 (A): 14.5%BB 20.7%K .70BB/K .180 ISO 5.3%IFB .852OPS

    JD Williams has made significant improvements in both his BB and K rates, which has allowed him to draw over twice as many BBs per K as a year ago, a ...

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  4. Comparing Rosario to Top 2B Prospects

    Heading into the 2013 season, there were 5 2B prospects that were generally considered to be among the top 100 in baseball: Jedd Gyorko of the San Diego Padres, Nick Franklin of the Seattle Mariners, Kolten Wong of the St. Louis Cardinals, Jonathan Schoop of the Baltimore Orioles, and Delino DeShields Jr. of the Houston Astros.
    My question is this: how does Eddie Rosario stack-up statistically against these more heavily hyped prospects?

    • Baseball America
  5. Buyers and Sellers: Examining the Trade Market

    Before we all go assigning values to the Twinsí trade chips based off of how good we think they are, it is important to remember that, like most things, the value of players at the trade deadline is determined by the market. In short, a market is composed of supply, which is made up of sellers, and demand, which is made up of buyers.

    If the trade deadline were tomorrow, I believe there would be 16 teams considered buyers. Of course there are the 6 division leaders (Boston, ...
  6. Review of Rock Cats 7/8 Game

    I went to see the final game of the Rock Catsís series in Portland on Monday. Because I was only watching one game, didnít see BP or fielding drills, and am not a professional scout I am not making any conclusions. My purpose was more to provide details that cannot be found in a boxscore as well as a very modest scouting report. I focused on Sano, Rosario, and Pinto. Unfortunately Danny Santana wasnít in the lineup, as I was hoping to get a look at him playing shortstop.

    Hitting ...
  7. Diamond's Struggles: What to Expect Going Forward

    Quote Originally Posted by Boone View Post
    Scott Diamond has struggled mightily this season, with an ERA of 5.40 after last yearís stellar 3.54 ERA. Some of this regression was expected; not only did Diamond greatly exceed expectation but he also posted a 3.94 FIP in 2012. The real question is the cause of Diamondís struggles this season: if he has truly taken a step back, expect his struggles to continue, and he may lose his spot in the rotation. However, if Diamondís poor performance has been more a result of bad luck, there is a good
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