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Kottke's Cuts

Kottke's Cuts is the opinions of a close-to-criminally-insane Minnesota Twins follower and all-around crazy person, Collin Kottke.

I'd call myself a fan, but I am too much of a curmudgeon for that. I'm a sweet and sour combination of passionate and critical. Posts can also be seen on kottkescuts.blogspot.com.

  1. Let's not forget... Mauer is a projected HOFer

    At work today I was clicking around Baseball Referenceís website and I stumbled across an interesting section of the website that I have never explored before. If you scroll to the bottom of a playerís profile page you will see a section titled Hall Of Fame Statistics, which is a bunch of sabermetrics designed to project if a player is a Hall of Fame candidate.

    Amongst the multiple equations there is one that is entitled JAWS which stands for Jaffe WAR Scoresystem, the system ...
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