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Christopher Fee

  1. What Colabello & Herrmann Mean to the Red Wings

    Chris Colabello and Chris Herrmann wereboth optioned to the Rochester Red Wings Sunday night, and both players joinedthe Wings during their Memorial Day matinee at Frontier Field,Monday.

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    So what exactly is the plan for both ofthese players while they are in Rochester? Ultimately the goal is toget them back to the parent club in Minnesota, however what will their roles be while they're playing with the Red Wings.

    After ...
  2. Q&A with Logan Darnell

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    Photo Courtesy of Joe Territo - RedWingsBaseball.com

    Enteringhis fifth professional season, Rochester Red Wings pitcher LoganDarnell is trying to stand out in a stacked rotation. Through hisfirst six starts in Rochester, he is 1-1 with a 2.32 ERA, he has 33strikeouts in 31 innings, including eight strikeouts in his laststart on Sunday. Monday after batting practice, I had the chance totalk to him about how he's pitched this season, his time with theKentucky
  3. Ten Questions with Trevor May

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    Photo Courtesy of Joe Territo/RedWingsBaseball.com

    Entering his seventh professional season, Rochester Red Wings pitcher Trevor May is hoping that this isthe year that he gets his chance to pitch with the Minnesota Twins.One of the key pieces sent back from Philadelphia in the Ben Revere trade, the hype around May has always been there and it seems that early on in 2014 he's turning some heads. Through his first five starts in Rochester, May is 1-2 ...
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