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  1. Looking for Breakout Seasons

    This was originally posted at Knuckleballs

    By this point, everyone knows the variables that will determine whether the Twins will have a successful 2012 season, right? Mauer, Morneau, Baker and Span have to stay healthy and the bullpen needs to be vastly improved over last year. We know all of that because every beat writer, columnist and blogger has pointed at those issues over and over again since October.

    Sure, if the established veterans all return to the level of productivity ...
  2. The Braun Legacy (in theatres soon)

    The following was originally posted at www.knuckleballsblog.com

    I realize I’m several days late to the party in terms of discussing the arbitrator’s ruling in favor of Brewers’ star Ryan Braun, but it took me a while to come to grips with exactly how I feel about it. I’ve now done that and I’ve concluded one thing for certain…

    I want the movie rights.

    Before you scoff, remember that Hollywood made a successful movie last year about Oakland A’s General Manager
  3. Reasons for Hope

    The following post is also available at www.knuckleballsblog.com.

    I'm not an idiot (most of the time). I know the Detroit Tigers are consensus favorites to win the AL Central Division title again... probably by double digit games again. I know the Twins are not widely viewed as the most likely team to challenge the Tigers if such a challenger does emerge.

    But as I mentioned a few days ago, Spring Training is my Mardi Gras! I'll deal with reality on Opening Day. For now, ...
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