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Axel Kohagen

  1. Twins/Tigers (Games 22-24)

    Twins at Detroit

    That Was Fast (Game 22)

    If the Twins have to lose, maybe itís best they lose quickly so we can all watch a nice movie before we head to bed for the evening.

    When Kris Atteberry does the postgame report after a brutal Twins loss, it always sounds like the narration on a Civil War documentary. All theyíre missing is a lonesome harmonica sound.

    I donít like it when Mauer isnít hitting. Itís like adjusting to a world where the ...
  2. Game 9 - Zombies.

    Another bland game, suffered through on a Minnesota night where the only thing worse than the grey ugliness in the sky is the twenty feet of snow coming next. The Twins didn't plate a run in a game. 11 strikes outs. Swept by the Royals. I sincerely hope we can bury this game under the snow and forget it.

    Earlier in my day, I enjoyed the Rue Morgue Podcast. Horror expert Andrea Subissati mentioned a Wade Davis, the ethnobiologist whose work regarding voodoo and zombies was the direct ...
  3. Full Squads, Empty Hearts.

    If my Twins blog gets any bleaker, it'll have to wear black eyeliner.

    Not too worried. First Spring Training home run by a Minnesota Twin will have me predicted a World Series victory in six games. I'm like that.

    Roger Clemens is threatening to become an obsession for me. He could go into the Ty Cobb Hall of Fame for players so completely unlikeable they've become loveable. I'd drive him there myself, as long as I didn't have to rub Icy-Hot on his groin area.
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