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Axel Kohagen

  1. Twins/Indians (Games 25-27)

    Twins at Cleveland

    Except Tonight (Game 25)

    For me, skipping the 10th inning of an extra innings game is like skipping the opener of a rock concert. You usually donít miss much.

    Except tonight, when the Twins crapped out in extra inning (singular).

    Because I am a fan of the heart and not of the head, I assume the Twins will win all games where the score stays close. And when a home run comes flying out of the Magical Land of Parmelee, the ...
  2. Game 8 - Pelfrey on the Small Screen

    With the evening pre-booked, I monitored this Twins game from my cell phone while revisiting cherished David Cronenberg movies from years past.

    At least, I started to. After it took me days to scroll down through MLB At Bat listings for Mike Pelfrey's first inning, there was no need to devote excessive brain power to watching the Twins continue their swirl down the drain.

    Three home runs was nice, though.

    Monitoring the game on your phone is as close as you ...
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