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Axel Kohagen

  1. Swing's the Thing: Twins versus Mariners (Games 51-53)

    Twins versus Mariners

    No Big Deal (Game 51)

    The ball game was relegated to nothing more than background noise. The goose-egg on the Twinsí side of the scoreboard did little to lure me back in.

    With baseball refusing to signal the beginning of weekend joy. My conversation with my friend turned to ghost stories and hard luck tales. I even dug out the flashlight for that special campfire vibe.

    And so itís like this: Baseball is apple pie, and ...
  2. Dancing in the Rain: Twins vs. Brewers (Games 49-50)

    Twins versus Brewers

    The Coliseum Cheers (Game 49)

    I tuned into the game just before Sam Deduno got enough outs to put himself in line for a win. Heís like dynamite: The Twins get the exact perfect ratio of balls to strikes from him or everything blows up in their face.

    The radio was all about the solid defensive performance from the Twins, but all the signals beaming out of Target Field amped up to 11 for a foul ball Chris Parmelee snagged, battling fate ...
  3. Two Occurances in Wisconsin: Twins at Brewers (Games 47-48)

    Twins at Brewers

    Wanting What Ueckerís Got (Game 47)

    Twins found a win on their first game of the series in Milwaukee. I listened to the first inning on the radio and monitored the rest of the action on my phone. I only half believe giving up on a team hurts their chances of winning, but I absolutely know they won in spite of my pessimism today.

    Listened to Bob Uecker call that first inning. Still weird to think about him having a stalker for all of those ...
  4. Dimly Aware in Detroit: Twins at Tigers (Games 44-46)

    Twins at Tigers

    10 Pins Fall Down (Game 44)

    I asked the score if I should watch the Twins game. The score said no, and I had no regrets about spending some time with my wife, my friend, and an awful movie called The Greenskeeper.

    The formerly infamous John Rocker, pitcher, played the killer.

    Itís on Netflix.

    In the ninth inning, we watched our phones to make sure the Twins avoided getting no-hit.

    Following a baseball ...
  5. Sunk in Atlanta - Twins at Braves (Games 41-43)

    Twins at Braves

    Gimme Danger? (Game 41)

    Bad night in the US outside of baseball. Tornados took a chunk out of the country again, leaving too many dead (no matter the number) and many of the rest battling post-disaster financial hardship like it was a kind of cancer. For those affected, this will be a mile marker for the rest of their lives.

    Sadly, but less tragically, Doorsí keyboardist Ray Manzarek died.

    The Doors were dangerous rock and roll. ...
  6. Sunny Day Choking Hazards - Red Sox at Twins (Games 38-40)

    Red Sox at Twins

    The Vanimal and Clay (Game 38)

    The Twin Cities team takes the loss and Break-Evening drops to two games away. And yet I dream.

    Clay Buchholz stood at the other end of the street again Vance Worley, and the Vanimal was outgunned from the outset of the duel. The Vanimal stood tall in his boots and gave the Twins six innings.

    The greatest distance in the world is the distance between two lovers before their first kiss. The second ...
  7. A Quick Case of the Sox (Games 35-37)

    White Sox at Twins

    Four Sacks of Groceries and Two Dingers (Game 35)

    When the Twins have a three run lead, itís safe to grocery shop without excessive worry.

    When the Twins are behind, each trip down the grocery store aisles is pure agony. Every spare moment and empty space offers an opportunity to check the score on your cell phone. When the other teamís runs pile on, itís hard to keep shopping.

    The Twins rewarded my trust with a surplus of ...
  8. I'm the Away Team - Orioles at Twins (Games 32-34)

    Orioles at Twins

    A Damn Shame (Game 32)

    These days, itís a lot easier to keep up with the Twins when youíre traveling.

    This can be perilous, however.

    For example, when the Twins blow a six run lead and you find out in the middle of a friendly conversation with your family. There are words and phrases that desperately need screaming, but politeness dictates you keep your mouth shut.

    I settled on letting out a wordless scream. I ...
  9. Twins/Red Sox (Games 28-31)

    Twins at Red Sox

    Too Old for the Gang at Cheers (Game 28)

    Home early, with my wife home as well, I started getting a hankering for watching the Twins play at a sports bar. Baseballís just a little bit better when youíre covered in buffalo sauce and ordering another beer.

    Except it was Monday. And Iím old. And wings plus beer plus anything else starts to add up to be a decent chunk of change. Donít get me started on the calories, either. Plus, then youíre ...
  10. Twins/Indians (Games 25-27)

    Twins at Cleveland

    Except Tonight (Game 25)

    For me, skipping the 10th inning of an extra innings game is like skipping the opener of a rock concert. You usually donít miss much.

    Except tonight, when the Twins crapped out in extra inning (singular).

    Because I am a fan of the heart and not of the head, I assume the Twins will win all games where the score stays close. And when a home run comes flying out of the Magical Land of Parmelee, the ...
  11. Twins/Tigers (Games 22-24)

    Twins at Detroit

    That Was Fast (Game 22)

    If the Twins have to lose, maybe itís best they lose quickly so we can all watch a nice movie before we head to bed for the evening.

    When Kris Atteberry does the postgame report after a brutal Twins loss, it always sounds like the narration on a Civil War documentary. All theyíre missing is a lonesome harmonica sound.

    I donít like it when Mauer isnít hitting. Itís like adjusting to a world where the ...
  12. Ranger/Twins - Punch for Punch (Games 18-21)


    Have Cap, Will Travel (Game 18)

    Took the wife to Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, where Michael Ian Black joined the show for the evening. Black is a comedic laser so sharp you can correct peopleís vision with his jokes.

    Wits projects tweets onto the wall before the performance and at intermission. Couple tweeters in attendance used the board as a way of checking the score. Caught a couple Twins caps and jackets in the audience, ...
  13. Game 16/17 - To Talk About the Weather

    Double-headers are perfect. Ideally, the Twins would play twenty-four hours a day and I could always listen to them on the radio. There's probably some silly reason that wouldn't work, though.

    Heard about the Arcia home-run on a quick phone check, then listened to enough game to feel like the Twins had it ready to put in their pocket. Then I alternated snippets of radio updates and smart phone monitoring to realize the second game might stay close, but it was probably never going the ...
  14. Game 15 - Sunday and Everything's All Right.

    Spent the day with friends I hadn't seen in far too long and observed the Twins cementing a victory, via my phone, on the drive home.

    Plus, the sun is starting to smack back the zombie hordes of winter snowdrifts. Groovy.

    There was another Twins fan present at our afternoon gathering, so I felt no shame about checking the score. There are those other times when you have to monitor the boys of summer without getting caught.

    What's your strategy?

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