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  1. Zach "Snub" Jones

    While examining MLB.com’s top-20 prospect list, I am pleased to see that some deserving names were added recently. But there is one name that I feel has been "snubbed," to use the parlance of our times. Despite his dominating numbers on the hill, Zach Jones is still not in MLB.com's top-20.

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    Zach has never sniffed MLB.com’s top-20 list, even though he has averaged 13.6 K’s per nine innings in his 1.5 years of pro-ball. He has ...
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  2. Impatient: Influx in Infancy

    With a fresh coat of snow on the ground, my mind is further chilled by the cold (and dead) state of the Minnesota Twins pitching rotation. How did we get so bad, so fast? The answer to that question will not solve the problem that lies ahead. The real question is “What is the solution to this pitching predicament?” In one word: Time.

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    The Twins have never been known to spend lots of dollars on baseball players, or starting pitchers, for that ...

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  3. Rakin' Rosario Ready?

    Facing another deep freeze in the northern plains of the North American continent, I search for answers to the question of “when?” As in, when will the talented Mr. Rosario finally bring his warm, rosy, consistent offensive game to the frozen wasteland that is the Minnesota batting line-up?

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    If we take a real good look at what Eddie has done for the Twins’ minor league affiliates over the past three years, we see consistency. Over ...

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  4. Peachy Pro Promise

    To say that Byron Buxton had a successful full-season debut is less than accurate. To be completely honest, he went bananas, or peaches, maybe. It was predicted that Byron would dominate as a 19-year-old in 2013, but not like this. We need to really look at this young peach of a prospect.

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    Everyone had to know it was coming. Even though Byron’s rookie level stats were less than amazing, he separated himself from the rest of minor league baseball ...

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  5. Monster-Mash Maestro

    WARNING: This article could be perceived as overly-optimistic. Click with extreme caution!
    Now that I’ve disclaimed my ability to temper expectations, it’s time to highlight the Dominican monster that is Miguel Sano.

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    Perhaps there was once a youth that exhibited kingly promise in the same way that the Twins’ budding superstar did in 2013? If so, we may have to reach quite a distance to draw a legitimate comparison. Young Sano is the ...

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  6. Walked-on Walker

    Congress is still getting paid, but some 800,000 government workers are left at home to read twinsdaily.com. Hopefully, they paid their wireless bill last month. Speaking of injustice, I argue that Adam Walker’s good name has been walked upon in defiance of production!

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    I was pleased to see that Adam Walker’s official name has been updated on his milb.com player profile. It now reads “Adam Brett Walker II,” which is more fitting for the distinguished ...

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  7. Overly Omissive?

    The government has shut itself down. But not before a motion was made to pay its most elite employees. Given the situation, it’s frighteningly irresponsible that our political leaders should be taking a paid break. In celebration of paid vacations, I am going to finish evaluating my prediction from last winter about Twins prospects (while working at the ole day job).

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Name:	Pro_Hogs_010-1_r600x400.jpg 
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    (Will DJ get his "hog-on" in 2014?)

    I recently critiqued my predicted top-10 list for the end of 2013, ...

    Updated 10-02-2013 at 08:00 AM by mnfanforlife

  8. Spidey's Successors

    Now that the NFL has started, I hardly have the gumption to watch the Twins for more than a few innings. Let’s face it...it’s not the NFL’s fault at all. The Twins were horrible this year. It was a combination of stuff, and it was all bad stuff. I long for the days of Johan…

    Name:  hunter.torii.1_crop_340x234.jpg
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    Once upon a time, the Twins had an epic center-fielder nicknamed “Spiderman.” He owned center-field, like Jordan owned Ehlo. He took back home-runs like they were apples, ...

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  9. Foresight Folly or Fact?

    After sitting on a limb for more than eight months, it's time to see whether my "Cold Predictions" came true or not. Where will I land if my limb breaks? Into the bottomless chasm of MLB prospect shame, of course.

    Name:  sabnn.jpg
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    This list I created last winter (January 12, 2013) was intended to be a prediction of what MLB.com's (J.Mayo, et al.) top-prospect list for the Minnesota Twins would look like following the 2013 season. For comparison purposes, ...

    Updated 09-20-2013 at 09:40 AM by mnfanforlife

  10. Joe Mauer - Team USA

    Nothing real special here...just some footage of Mauer from my seat at the Team USA vs. ChiSox exhibition game on March 5, 2013.

    He went 0-3 in the game: GIDP, K, F8

  11. Worm Hunting

    To be considered a prospect that will be drafted in the top-20 of any MLB Draft is quite a feat. Nearly everyone cannot accomplish that on natural talent alone. It takes an extreme amount of sweaty labor that most people would not, or could not, endure. I want to hope beyond all hope that Aaron Hicks turns out just like Dennis Rodman.

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Name:	dennis-rodman-in-costume.jpg 
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    I’m sure your blood is boiling after reading that last sentence. So, ...

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  12. The Blizzard of Oz

    Name:  Oswaldo.jpg
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    As I look out any window, I am blinded by the results of several recent blizzards that have left Dakota Territory with an ultra-reflective blanket of glaring white snow. Nothing makes me miss baseball more. I close my eyes, but it’s not blackness. An orange-ish haze is all see, due to the sunlight attempting to breach my lightly-closed eyelids.

    Despite the overflow of natural light, I am able to envision big things for the Twins in my mind’s ...

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  13. Making a Sano Angel

    I caved and signed up for a free month of Netflix. I was duped by my curiosity to watch Ballplayer: Pelotero, but now that I'm hooked I need to find eight extra bucks a month. My main interest on Netflix is the documentaries. So let's stick to, and sift through, the facts on Miguel Sano...

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Name:	Sano.jpg 
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    I recently dogged Sano a little bit by predicting he would fall from the gracious #1 spot on the top-20 Twins’ prospect list following 2013. I felt ...

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  14. Eddie's "Rosa Rio"

    Please take a few moments, and imagine having your face caved in from the impact of a line-driven baseball. That's what our boy Eddie Rosario was dealing with mid-summer in 2012 after taking a batting practice rep to the face. How much can you expect from a guy after something like that?

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Name:	eddie.jpg 
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    Well, I'll tell ya. If you combine Eddie's winter league stats with his abbreviated 2012 regular season stats, you'll see a fierce line of numbers that hints ...

    Updated 02-21-2013 at 11:02 AM by mnfanforlife

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