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by Matt Sisk

  1. Two-Ways and Jones' K's

    Two-way players are rarely seen in today’s Major League of Baseball. Though, there have been some incredible examples in our recent and ancient past. I’m talking about a player that can produce at a high level on both ends of the spectrum, and can be considered a legitimate pitcher and hitter in the Major Leagues.

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    The most revered legend of the game broke into the majors as a left-handed pitcher. His rookie stats ...

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  2. David Arias is Back!

    What is the meaning of life? Why are we all here? When looking for meaning in life, it is important to stay away from the “meaningless” list of Twins top prospects on MLB.com.

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    (Kennys Vargas)

    In my opinion, a top prospect list should be a “fluid” collection of players with the highest perceived upside. If a player is not producing up to moderate expectations, then he should be dropped from the list and a productive player with high upside ...

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  3. Mustaches, We All Want "One"

    In particular, help yourself to the statistics of last season's Arizona Fall League. Just be careful of one stat line near the top, and make sure you're sitting down when you read it. Of course, I'm talking about Nate Roberts, the mysterious and intriguing on-base machine from High Point.

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    Mysterious, as in exactly when do the Twins trade Josh Willingham (a #4 hitter) for ______________ and start the 1-2 hitter-type (Roberts) in left-field? ...

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  4. Nick with a Stick: Jorge Polanco

    Is it really 2013 already? Yes. And don't try to change the subject. We are talking baseball here, and no one cares that you've squandered all of 2012 worrying about doomsday prophecies. All we have is "right now." So lets live in the present for a moment, and assess the future of the Twins utility infielder role.

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    Every team's gotta have one. A guy that can play anywhere on the infield, and be placed in ...

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  5. Walker: Rightfield Ranger

    Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Twins 3rd-round-pick last June? I am talking about the 97th overall selection named Adam Walker. This guy barely made the top 100 players drafted in 2012, but his initial return showed immense power promise. So much so, that I wanted to upset some people (and bring joy to others) by comparing him favorably to Giancarlo Stanton. Dang right people.

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    Even for a casual baseball fan, Stanton is a recognizable ...

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  6. Cold Predictions

    My cousin's boyfriend is the weather man! Long story...but my family did get him to say "unicorn" on the air. His mastery of meteorology inspries me, and I felt like taking a novice stab at forecasting something I enjoy talking about: Twins Prospects! Here is what I predict MLB.com's Twins prospect list will look like after this coming minor league season (Top 10 anyway)...

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    (Eddie is moving on up)

    1. Byron Buxton - CF

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  7. Turn to the NBA

    Pop quiz! What do you do when you've run out of fuel, in a tour-bus, in rural Siberia, with your in-laws?? This is the metaphor for how I see the current situation with the Twins starting pitching rotation. Our characters are all familiar: the fuel = Pohlads' payroll; the bus = shiny new Target Field; Siberia = Minnesota; the in-laws = our gallery of failed starting pitchers. So...what DO you do?

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    In this case we defer to the NBA. No, we're ...

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  8. Twin Cities' Georgia Peach

    When I look at how fortunate the Twins were last June in the draft, it’s hard to imagine this organization not returning to some level of major league competency soon. The organization picked up two teenagers.....

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    ...with high ceilings with their first two picks of 2012, and both showed extreme promise after signing quickly and making their pro debuts. Byron Buxton was somewhat of a surprise to be available to the Twins at #2 overall. I feel ...

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  9. Pickin' Berrios

    Most every hardcore Twins fan is well aware of the Puerto Rican 18-year-old we picked up in last June's draft (Jose Orlando Berrios! for the rest of you). After dominating both rookie levels in 2012, this kid is screaming fast-track potential. Where can we expect this guy to finish the 2013 season?

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    J.O. is what they are gonna call him. And he should certainly get to pick his nickname after averaging 14.4 K's/9 innings as a minor-league-rookie. ...

    Updated 11-10-2012 at 03:06 PM by mnfanforlife

  10. GCL Twins' Quartet: Stated and Rated

    With names like Buxton, Rosario and Sano cruising through the Gulf Coast League in recent years, have the Twins got any big-time-pitching prospects cooking in the tropics? Has anyone flown under the radar (perhaps flying through the near-by Bermuda triangle), that us Twins fans should expect to possibly contribute someday in Minnesota? I've got names and numbers, so enjoy this ride through the electric-fog wormhole that is Twinsdaily.com.....

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    (Montanez) ...

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  11. Let it Sano, Let it Sano, Let it Sano!

    This is a little bit risky. But I have to draw attention to this comparison I am about to make. When the Twins signed Miguel Sano as a 16-ish shortstop from the Dominican Republic back in 2009, he was regarded as the "jewel" of the International Signing Period that year.........

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    Just one short year later, the Nationals drafted and signed a 17-year-old Bryce Harper. Sano is just a tick younger (about 7 months) than Harper. But both ...

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  12. The Underrated Max Kepler?

    Last year, in 2011, MLB.com rated Max Kepler as the the #11 prospect in the system. After the 2012 season and June draft, several glitzy players moved ahead of the #11 spot, but Kepler moved DOWN to the #18 position. I did not agree with his descent on this list at that time. So, I felt obligated to highlight what Kepler did last summer as a 19-year-old in Rookie ball.

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    After a year in 2011 where he was a skinny 18-year-old with a .366 SLG%, ...

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  13. Predicting the college relievers in 2013....

    We know the Twins drafted a slew of college relievers in 2012 right? Well just how fast will any of these guys be realistic possiblities for the MLB club's pen?? Don't worry, I've got predictions (and my own rating list, with the most potential nearest the top) for each of them here:

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    (Top to Bottom: Jones, Bard, and Duffey)

    1. Zach Jones - RHP This guy was a two-way player (hitter/pitcher) ...
  14. How fast can any of these "top" prospects move up to Minny??

    My predictions for the Twins' top prospects for the summer of 2013:
    (I am using MLB.com's list, even though I have seen much more accurate lists elsewhere)

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    1. Miguel Sano - will hit 20-30 HR's during a full season at Ft. Myers. Will rank in the top 3 in the Florida State League in the following categories: HR, RBI, SLG%, OB+SLG%.....many Twins fans will be clamoring for Sano to get a Sept. call-up. But that wont happen, ...

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