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  1. goulik's Avatar
    Are there Two Aces to sign and a home run hitting big time 1B? If you sign those three and the prospects rise, I think this team transforms next year. Unfortunately I think you need all three for any hope before 2015... I think we will be better next year but nothing exciting without a free agent dive
  2. grumpyrob's Avatar
    I disagree with TR. You cant wait all the time for young arms to develop. It relies to much on probabilities. I am patient when it comes to this team, I think most of us are, and I know just bringing in free agents is not the answer either, but there has to be a happy medium. A starting rotation of Gibson, Correa, Palfry, Diamond, and Deduno is not to scary. You have to at least get someone who has been more successful than those listed above to lead the rotation. And if you dont have that, I think a new pitching coach who can lead would be good to have. Though unfortunately, I cannot think of any right now.
  3. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Like Terry Ryan has said, I think the answer will come from within, not free agency. Already our double play combo is among the best. Hard as it was to stomach, in pure baseball terms the Morneau/Presley trade was a good one. We have great outfield prospects. Maybe both Hicks and Presley will be in the outfield next year.

    Pitching. It was odd to see Albers and Pinto struggle against each other last night, while Albers and Herrmann seem to work great together. Next year I think there's room for both Herrmann and Pinto -- and of course Mauer as you say. I liked Butera the way he handled pitchers. I would have been happy seeing Florimon/Butera bat 8th and 9th every day, but alas, talking about Butera is just looking backwards.

    I'm looking forward to Gardy's last win too but I also think we need to find some pitching coaches who can make a personal connection with our prospects and get them figured out. Because like Yogi said, 90% of the game is half mental and there's a lot a coach can do to help a pitcher -- film them in warmups, read opponent scouting reports, make in game adjustments, etc. Also to know when to leave them alone. We need to get Gibson and Diamond straightened out before even thinking about Meyer coming up. Lets hope Deduno can keep it going. It will be worthwhile signing a big name pitcher once we got those guys on track. When that happens we will be contending again in no time. Stay positive!
  4. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Safe travels and may there be no more deployments. Remember its easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

    Twins also play in Colorado before the all star break - Coors field is a fantastic experience and Denver is not far from your base, in Texas distances.
  5. John Bonnes's Avatar
    And unfortunately, they play Houston - but it's here in Target Field. The only time the Twins play in Texas is the weekend that Oldgoat_MN talked about.

    The only other option I can think of is Kansas City, which looks to be about a 13-hour drive from Del Rio. That's the bad news. The good news is that it is a gorgeous ballpark and that city has some awesome bbq. They're there three times this year, but only one of them is after you get to Del Rio - it's the week after the series in Dallas. So if you really wanted to go for it, I suppose you could catch the Sunday game in Arlington and the Monday night game in KC, and drive back on Tuesday.

    Thanks for the post and for your service. Good luck!
  6. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Travel safe, grumpyrob.

    Depending how long you will be in Texas, the Twins play at the Rangers August 30 - September 1. Hope you can make that. Keep us posted.

    And thank you for your service.
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