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What to do with Morneau?

Tomorrow is June and I started thinking about the July trade deadline which means what to do with Morneau? His batting average has returned to a respectable .294, but he lost his homerun power swing with only two for the year. It's his contract year and the prevailing sentiment at the beginning of the year was to let him go because Parmelee's natural position was 1st base and he was a power hitter. Then Parmelee went into a funk and has only recently started showing signs that he might be having more respectable plate appearances.

Morneau is making $14 million through this contract and may not be willing to accept a significant cut. So what does the Twins organization do, trade him now for a prospect or try to lock him in with a less amount of salary?

  1. So who's left?

    OK, maybe I was a little down after that Kevin Correia signingÖsort of left a bad taste in my mouth. Really canít recall anyone attempting a positive spin on the acquisition. Thing is, Terry Ryan continues to say that the Twins are not done and they need more starters.
    Now the Twins have acquired Mike Pelfrey who might have a chance of contributing, depending how he comes back from the Tommy John surgery early last year (kind of the same situation that Scott Baker would have been). I noticed ...
  2. With Greinke gone, time to get a pitcher?

    Now that Zack Greinke has signed a $147 million deal with the LA Dodgers, does the log jam begin to unravel?


    Maybe Iím way off, but are Sanchez, Jackson and Lohse the next dominoes to fall? If they are, does that take teams that seem to be in on all the talks with FA starters off the market? I keep reading LA Angles, Red Sox and Royals (obviously there are others), if they spend their Monopoly Money ...
  3. Jason Marquis off the board

    ESPNís Jayson Stark reported that Jason Marquis will sign with San Diego.


    Now I can breathe a sign of relief.
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