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  1. Physics Guy's Avatar
    Parmelee isn't worth anything right now. The only way he is worth anything is by earning a spot on the roster and performing when given a chance. If not he will be gone soon enough.
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    I also agree. Twins need to find out what they have and move on from the failures(either in 2014 or 2015). I think Parmelee is going to be a failure and needs to be sold now to get any value.
  3. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I agree with you twinsajsf. Let our prospects get their trial by fire in 2014 and go from there. I actually think the Hicks/Arcia/Parmelee / Buxton / Presley / Mastro combination will work for us this year. Why so much talk about the need for a vet in other posting then?
  4. twinsajsf's Avatar
    Nothing. We are at least one year away from contention, so let's just try to find out who can stick amongst the young guys we have: Arcia, Hicks, Parmelee, Presley, Mastro and maybe Buxton/Rosario as the season wears on. Maybe even Plouffe if Sano makes the big jump successfully. Parmelee and Hicks are former 1st Rounders, so let's give them both one more extended MLB tryout before moving on. If we were hoping to contend for a playoff berth in 2014, that would be different, but as it stands there is little downside and significant upside to letting these guys try to emerge as legit MLBers.
  5. Lefty's Avatar
    I too like the idea of Pineda, I just don't think that the Yankees will go for a prospect at 2B. They are built to try and win NOW and always have been. I'm sure they'd take one of our prospects, but only for a bunch of 'go-nowhere' prospects in return. That's just how they roll.
  6. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Really like the idea of aquiring Pineda.

    Cannot imagine the Yankees letting him go, however. They want inexpensive pitchers, too.
  7. jorgenswest's Avatar
    There are other options. Phillips was mentioned above. Infante and Johnson are free agents. David Adams and Corban Joseph have minor league OBPs better than Rosario and have more experience at the upper level of the minors. Rosario's much younger age makes him the better long term prospect, but not the better option for 2014. Dozier home run surge the second half helps, but there is little else to distinguish him for the two Yankee minor leaguers. He probably doesn't sustain the increase in HR/FB rate next year.

    I don't see the motivation on the Yankees part to make this deal.
  8. Brandon's Avatar
    I think there is definitely the potential to match up for a trade if they do not sign Cano and don't trade for Phillips first.
  9. old nurse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lightfoot789
    Or throw in Willingham or Doumit too?
    By sentiment on the board, shouldn't that be an and not an or between the names?
    Actually for the risk it wouldn't be a top prospect for Pineda. I would guess more of a risk reward prospect
    Updated 11-10-2013 at 08:02 AM by old nurse
  10. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I believe Cano is going back too, but doesn't hurt to give the Yankees some alternatives. Pineda is a reach, but probably has better upside than Worley or May. Could be a great 2 or 3 if he can stay healthy. That can be said about every pitcher though. They are all one pitch away from.......... (Knock on wood)
  11. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    I'd be interested in hearing from people in the industry what they think about Pineda now. But I also don't see any way they don't end up with Cano.
  12. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    I'd be interested in hearing from people in the industry what they think about Pineda now.
  13. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Or throw in Willingham or Doumit too?
  14. clutterheart's Avatar
    Thanks for that link
    That is a fun site to explore
  15. Rosterman's Avatar
    But you always have the issues when guys like Colabello have a breakout couple of years in the minors (also think David McCarty, Mike Restovich and Chris Parmelee) but don't put it altogether and fail somewhat miserably in the majors. Even this season, Oswaldo Arcia had an okay season which works fine in a strong lineup, but in a lineup where he ended up being the 3-4th best player, well....

    All these guys could conceivably be in a Twins uniform sometime at the sametime. If they do, and gel, it could be a homebred World Series team. It's getting them there, having them get the experience, protecting each other in the batting order and on the field, and we have the 1987 Twins. Who won because of blood and guts and a weak division and a very lucky starting rotation.

    You maybe add in Stewart and Berrios and a few other names like Kepler and Vargas and Gibson, of course, Mauer (not to mention Perkins) and...well........
  16. Zephrin's Avatar
    The lineup looks very promising (Especially when you add Mauer), and the bullpen could be solid and powerful. The rotation won't get us there.
  17. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I'm curious as to what the Twins Daily Writers think of the highlight Homeruns? Mistake Hitter or Talent?
  18. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by amjgt
    May 14 was a BOMB - Cleared the (tall) batters eye in dead center
    It really was a Bomb, but I thought the HR on July 15th in which the LF never moved was possibly even longer. Even if it wasn't - I thought it hilarious how the entire defense never took one step during the entire play. He then hit another HR in that game in which the ball is seen being run over by a car as it hits the street 50 feet outside the stadium.

    Effortless swing on Fastballs - Curveballs - Sliders - Yet Powerful
  19. amjgt's Avatar
    May 14 was a BOMB - Cleared the (tall) batters eye in dead center
  20. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Good article by Conor Glassey. Good stuff
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