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  1. Wookiee of the Year's Avatar
    stringer bell, thanks for the comment--I admit, the pinch hinter angle is one I hadn't considered.

    That said, if you consider Pinto the best option at DH on days he'd otherwise be riding the bench--and I do--then there's something odd in the notion that the Twins should keep a superior bat out of the line-up to ensure a defensive replacement in case they have to pinch-hit a superior bat for Suzuki. I'd think it would be better to put as many of your best bats in the line-up as possible in the first place.
  2. stringer bell's Avatar
    Two parts to the backup catcher as DH: 1) The DH replaces the catcher and the team loses the DH. This never happened with the Mauer/Doumit duo. Why? There was no real strategic reason for either guy to be replaced. Mauer being the best hitter on the team and Doumit being a top 5 hitter on the team and being a switch hitter. The only reason to replace either would be to run for the slow-footed Doumit. However, with Suzuki and Pinto as the two catchers, Gardy would pinch hit for both if he has good LH options. This would either tie his hands for pinch hitting or expose the loss of DH situation much more often. 2) Using the emergency catcher. Would only happen if both catchers went out of the game. Obviously again with Doumit/Mauer it didn't happen because they never were hit for, but with Suzuki/Pinto, it could happen, because the Twins should hit for Suzuki close and late and might on occasion hit for Pinto against a tough right hander.
  3. tborg's Avatar
    As a player in this "game" (I believe that's me in the far left of the photo), I agree with all of your comments. The roster fillers were actually players from local over 35 amateur leagues. Near as I saw, the real players were Hamberger, Kevin Millar, and Kerry Lightenberg. The remainder of the "celebrities" were folks representing Leinenkugels and the radio station that sponsored the event. I think that's why they used a kitten ball (about twice the size of a regular softball and very loosely wound). The Leinie girls on our team were dismayed that it was pitched overhand. When initially recruited for the game, our team was told that it would indeed be real baseball, played with a yellow pitching machine ball. Not sure when they changed their minds on that decision, but it may have had something to do with the celebrities, or perhaps concern over someone getting hurt (we were prepared!). It would have been fun to play something closer to the real thing. On the plus side, players got free beer and brats before, during, and after the game... perhaps that's the main reason we played with the kitten ball.
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