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  1. Market inefficiency: Creativity needed

    Right now, one of the 30 best shortstops in the game, coming off a championship season - who should be earning a multi-million dollar salary and starting on a daily basis - is cooling his heels without a team. Other, inferior players occupy starting spots on teams across the league, including, most obviously, the Twins.

    By now, most folks are aware of the circumstances that have forced Stephen Drew to sit out the opening part of this season. His signing is attached to a draft pick ...

    Updated 04-26-2014 at 07:52 AM by AM.

  2. Over/Under: 0.5

    That's the line I am setting for the number of Twins who are traded away before the next 24 hours elapse. I was going to set it at 1.5, but I think this line is more, well, in line.

    What have you got? Over, or under?
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