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  1. Kevin's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this. Your transcribing skill are good enough to get the gist of the conversations across, try calcium for the hand cramping and the dog... well, not much to be done.
  2. glunn's Avatar
    This is hilarious -- thanks for making me smile.
  3. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Special memo to [insert your "favorite" whipping boy here]: feel free to engage in skydiving, hanggliding, Russian roulette and other activities not specifically forbidden in this list.
  4. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Glad to see they are taking steps to insure the safety of our team.
    Good investigative journalism.
    Thank you

    (no mention of snow shoveling, though)
  5. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    And throughout the Twins Bullpen a mournful "Awww man..." is heard.

    At least until Jared Burton realizes that "dog poo" was left off the list and starts chucking it at Drew Butera in lieu of his usual warm up long-toss.
  6. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Fun recap of who's who.
    Enjoyed the "Don't be looking for these guys. They're not going to be there."
    Thank you Kirsten.
  7. Kirsten Brown's Avatar
    Yes. You are right. I mistakenly looked at the ticket sales page instead of the schedule page. Their first home game is the 24th.

    I'll fix the post. Thanks for catching that.
  8. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Isnt the 1st preseason game febuary 23?
  9. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Great stuff!!! Thanks for sharing. I've gone there the last 5-6 years and enjoy it every time!! I like hanging out by the minor league section. See you there! Hopefully you can come over to Huberts afterward on Saturday!
  10. gil4's Avatar
    When I clicked on the link, I had no idea who wrote the book, but based on the title I guessed it was Bill Smith.
  11. beckmt's Avatar
    A few of these players could be removed from the 40 man(Butera for 1 and there may be others). TR might be protecting relief pitchers and middle infielders as there are many clubs looking for cheap alternatives.
  12. ltwedt's Avatar
    Yeah - I'm one of those who think that this situation needs some pretty drastic actions - and I do not consider the termination of Stelly, et al even a start. Ulger and Liddle probably needed to go - Liddle because of ALL of the base running gaffes - and Ulger because - well, it's Ulger! He's been terrible and they've hidden him for just too long - but he's one og "Gardy's Boys" so maybe it's a step - but it's an Armstrong - (. . . One small step . . . )

    But I agree with you - what happens from here on - on the field is most important.

  13. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    The part of the call which I found to be particularly bad was the untimeleness of the call. The rules specifically state it is for the benefit of the runners, such a late call, on this occasion, makes the call especially bad, as the runners were camped half-way and the call had no impact on them becuase of how late the call was made. But the call, as far as I'm concerned, was much BETTER than the recation of the fans. Bad show Atlanta.
  14. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I wonder exactly what the penalty should be. It needs to be commensurate with the risk/reward factor but also allow the possibility of a mistest. The problem is that the risk/reward for someone like Colon or Cabrera is so crazy. Cabrera was supposedly a perennially gifted underachiever who went from barely getting a job to talking about a guaranteed $80m contract. What possible punishment could make that not worth it?

    What's interesting about the players union being so upset about it is that one punishment would be the the money suddenly becomes not guaranteed. That opens up players to all kinds of possible abuses and they would REALLY need to trust the system. But what if the testing was that they gave samples and some of those samples were saved for future testing when better tests are available? And that in addition to a one-year suspension that player lost all future guaranteed money if they are ever discovered?
  15. beckmt's Avatar
    More testing has seem to had results. About 10 years ago it seemed a number of balls not hit that well left the park. Also the number of players in the majors who are over 35 seems to have remarkedly decreased. That tells me the policy is working.
    Not to say a number of player still probably try to cheat, masking agents are getting better, and until all of there residual makeup is known, it will be hard to get all of them. Best way of finding them is remarkable preformances by playes past their prime (Colon) or way out of line preformance changes(Melky Caberra). Not to say you cannot guess at others(A-Rods injury issues the last 2 - 3 years for one).
  16. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I believe that you knock on wood to get jixes to go away
  17. glunn's Avatar
    Nice blog, Kirsten.
  18. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    Sounds like you guys had fun. I, too, drove to KC with my wife to take in some Twins baseball. We were there from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. We went to the game on Friday which was cool because they won 2-1 in 11 innings and they had the fire works display after the game. I also landed myself two balls which was pretty cool. One was thrown my way by Butera during batting practice and the other Casilla threw to me as he was running off the field after the last out of the first inning. We looked around in the Royals Hall of Fame before the game and it was pretty cool. They have a giant number 5 made up of 3154 baseballs representing the total number of hits in George Brett's career. In the middle of the 5, they have the bat he used for his 3000th hit in a display case.

    I went to the Negro Leagues Museum on Friday and found it pretty interesting. I liked the movie they show when you first come in and the field with the bronze statues.

    I ate lunch at the original Arthur Bryant's BBQ which looks like kind of a dive in a not so great part of town. We got there at just the right time because by the time we got our food there was a line out the door for the lunch rush. The food was phenomenal and the portions are huge. They also have all these pictures on the wall of various famous people eating there.

    I also checked out something called the College Basketball Experience which was pretty cool. It has all these different interactive exhibits and also houses the National College Basketball Hall of Fame.

    The Power and Light District in downtown was also a pretty cool place to grab some food and listen to music.

    I concur with your assessment on the drought conditions. I don't know if I saw a blade of green grass the whole time we were there.

    One other thing I noticed about KC in driving around different parts of the city was how quickly it would change from the nice part of town to the not-so-great areas.

    All in all, a very cool city and a great place to watch a ball game.
  19. Kirsten Brown's Avatar
    @ glunn and JB -- Thanks for the compliments.

    @ Peanuts -- Hahaha! Do it...DOOOOO IIIIT! If you create that photoshop, I'll put it on the post, give you tons of credit, and give you a virtual k-bro brownie!
  20. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Great column and posts.

    Waiting to see that photoshop creation!
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