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if we aint spendin 140 million

if i spent 100 million on the worst team in the american leaque , not once but two years running, i would have to rethink the situation...

lets look at what pieces we have that others might want
mauer,morneau,willingham,span,revere,and plouffe

yes joe has that no trade clause, but he may also want to play for a winner ,some have linked joe to baaaston ,but i think the right place to look is texas, they either have to win now or soon will need to rebuild, mauer would fit nicely there as a catcher /1b/dh type, complimenting napoli and moreland
the rangers also have a pair of prospect who we sure could use in olt and profar
im suggesting joe,florimon and 3b travis hairson for the 2 prospects who are blocked in texas

then we turn to justin,what better place to go then to let him return home to canada
so morny,herrmann and waldrop for there AAA catcher Dárnaud

next we turn to pittsburg where they have apair of pitching prospect that will make the twins office wet themselfs if there giddy over gibson.
cole and taillon have the stuff to be #1s so lets move willingham ,liam hendriks and hudson boyd for these

that the rays will not be resigning upton and are looking to shed payroll including shields , let trade lil ben revere,joe benson , madison boer and vasquez for scotty

josh johnson is expendible in a marlin fire sale
so lets dump some off the prospects who are suspects on to them ,our #/7sacedo rhp,#10 angel morales of,#20 goodrum ss, and the twins minor leaque pitcher of the year hermsen we could throw in robertson and swarzac as well

next we focus on the reds and there phenom billy hamilton, we offer up span ,escobar,hernandez and anthony slama(free slama) for hamilton and rhp cingriani

we also have manship,devrise and burnett we could throw in to sweetin the offers
this would reduce our payroll another 30 million or so and give us a real chance in 2015 to field a winning team ...

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