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  1. Winston Smith's Avatar
    Lombo and Meyer enough?
  2. DAM DC Twins Fans's Avatar
    Living in DC--I know the Nats are interested in Span. They DFAd Rick Ankeil so they have an OF spot. Be careful trading with Nats--go for young Lombardozzi and a prospect or two--NOT Storen...
  3. Winston Smith's Avatar
    "Twins are asking too much" I would hope that TR would start high. Weed out the tire kickers and get to serious business. With so few real assets he better get good return. We need a serious talent up grade!
  4. Thrylos's Avatar
    Oops... he is 28. Fixed. Thanks!
  5. clutterheart's Avatar
    Thanks for putting the age. That is great info. But I think your age forSam Deduno isn't right.
    I think he is 29.
    When I saw the age 23 I got too excited.
  6. Thrylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs
    Maybe I should read instead of just jumping down to the list: "this is not a particular "fragment in time", but year-to-date cumulative performance."
    Indeed... The "hot" is kind of a mis-nomer. I have been doing these for a few years now, started calling them the wrong thing, so they got stuck. It is a cumulative performance list. Kinda handy to see overall performance during a particular season so the players who are steadily good (or better than good) are recognized... Conversly, with the not-so hot list, I am looking at season-long laggers, not folks who had a bad week or 2 or 3.
  7. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Maybe I should read instead of just jumping down to the list: "this is not a particular "fragment in time", but year-to-date cumulative performance."
  8. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    What is this list? Is it who's hot, or is it who has the best numbers for the full season?
  9. Thrylos's Avatar
    thanks. Koch should be promoted. There is a pretty big difference between A and A+ pitching (and hitting) that really makes a whole lot of difference: A (like Beloit) and A- (like NYPenn league) pitchers can get by with one plus/above ave pitch and a secondary average offering. At high A, unless that secondary offering is above ave as well, they will get pounded. So hitters get much more and better secondary (ie. breaking or off-speed pitchers or cutters) stuff than at A or A-. It is a very good test. If you can dominate high A, you will be a major leaguer (even for a cup of coffee) unless something freaky happens...

    And once Herrmann gets promoted to Rochester (any day now), the dominos will fall
  10. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Yeah, Koch should be promoted, right!? I mean they have to see what he can do against high-A pitching.
  11. James's Avatar
    Good stuff. And you signed draftee list is way more complete than BA. Keep up the good work.
  12. birdwatcher's Avatar
    Classic thrylos garbage analysis to support his belief. Calling this crap "proof" is blatantly dishonest from an intellectual standpoint. Congrats, thrylos. Aren't you a genius!
  13. Jim H's Avatar
    This looks and sounds like cherry picking to prove a point. Many of the pitchers on this list had very good years for the Twins, having injury plagued years that skewed their overall numbers, or like LaTroy found their roles with the Twins after struggling as young pitchers.

    I also note that you don't mention any pitchers who pitched worse after they left or pitched better for the Twins than they did previously for anyone else.

    I suspect because pitchers are so inconsistent throughout their careers, you could do this kind of thing to just about any team.
  14. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    think Rick Anderson is one of the biggest reasons for the decline in the team. Hate him.
    Guys dont respect him & players get worse pitching for him.
  15. Thrylos's Avatar
    You are welcome! A bonus profile is coming up in minutes
  16. mike wants wins's Avatar
    It was a good series, thanks for doing all the work.
  17. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    J-Dog, no "now" he isn't. Going into the season he was. That will change for some people. I had him at 50+ (51 here). But he actually isn't going to jump that much.

    Take from that what you will--either the Twins are really starved for MLB-ready pitchers, or there is actually more talent in the system than a lot of people know about. Last year's draft was big for that.
  18. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    What happened to Waldrop? i thought that he was one of the Twins last cuts before ST ended because he was injured, and now he is #66?
  19. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    The one-stop shop for prospect lists. I have compiled a master using 4 lists before . . . and that was a lot. Great work!

    And your brief analysis is correct. The (middle) infield has some potential if Levi Michael and Tyler Grimes get it going, Danny Santana continues doing what he is doing, and Eddie Rosario sticks at second. Third base is a big hole unless Sano stays there. Like . . . they got Jairo Perez and Anderson Hidalgo sorta playing those positions.

    But it is all about pitching. The system is full of guys who could be 5th starters and middle relievers. Other than that, injuries are causing major problems.
  20. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    True, Jlovren, but he is left-handed. Lefties are a different breed and the Twins have a dearth of them at the moment.
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