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  1. freightmaster's Avatar
    Hendriks first memory of MLB needs to be erased. He needs a good hypnotist, this is the problem, when he comes on the mound he does not see success like he does in Rochester, he only remembers getting knocked around and therefore it becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy
  2. Top Gun's Avatar
    Maybe he should mop up a few games in the Twins bullpen first to get use to pitching at the major league level?
  3. awstafki's Avatar
    I am too. I was really excited when they drafted him but the guy cannot stay healthy. Then again he has only been in the organization since 2010 so he still has time to get it together and be a part of the Twins.
  4. BigVin's Avatar
    I'm a huge Alex Wimmers fan, but he keeps getting hurt!
  5. one_eyed_jack's Avatar
    Yeah, hard not to wonder what might have been in 09 or 10 with a healthy Morneau in the lineup.

    Winning in October is hard enough with a fully healthy line. Doing it without your top run producer makes it that much tougher.

    But injuries are part of the game. I am sure that many Cardinals fans wonder how the 87 series might have turned out differently with a healthy Jack Clark in their lineup.
  6. James's Avatar
    Good post. He definitely would be an unconventional ace. You're right, this would be a lot to ask of him, but I can hope he keeps this up.
  7. awstafki's Avatar
    That's true. With Revere playing right field recently I guess I just put him there without giving it much of a thought. You're right though, Hicks arm would be better suited in right.
  8. James's Avatar
    I would think that you would want to flip Hicks and Revere. Revere would make a much better LF with his arm. Hicks has a good arm already, so RF would not be bad for him. That outfield sure would cover a lot of ground though.
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