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  1. July Starters & Results

    In July the Twins had a 9-17 record. These are the stats for the Twins starters in July.

  2. 2013 Twins Draft Choices - Progress

    I was curious about how our 2013 draft selections were doing. I thought I would share it with everyone.

  3. Catcher Depth Chart

    I will try to update the days results, daily and the weekly results on Mondays.

    Depth Chart - Catcher July 11, 2013

    Player AB BA OBP SLG OPS
    Joe Mauer 339 .316 .396 .466 .862
    Ryan Doumit 282 .241 .299 .394 .693

    Rochester AAA
    Player AB BA OBP SLG OPS
    Chris Herrmann 235 .230 .300 .306 .606
    Eric Fryer 114 .193 .343 .333 ...
  4. Aaron Hicks 2013 Rehab

    I am going to post each days stat line for Aaron Hicks while he is in Rochester.

    Updated 06-30-2013 at 06:09 PM by Thegrin

  5. Hicks in AAA. Thomas stays in CF

    Until Thomas stops hitting and/or Hicks starts hitting, I suggest that the Twins keep Hicks in AAA and keep Thomas in CF.
  6. Samuel Duduno !!!!

    He'll be able to pitch again on Friday. I hope it is for the Twins.

    Scoreboard | Rochester Red Wings Scoreboard
  7. Starting Rotation

    We all have seen pitchers that seemed to have difficulty in Spring Training, find their stuff once the season starts. We've see players hit for high average and then can't hit above .200 in real games.

    If we go by Spring Training results so far, the starting rotation would be:

    Sam Deduno
    Cole DeVries
    PJ Walters
    Liam Hendriks

    ahead of Worley, Pelfrey & Correia.

    Wouldn't that be a wonderment.
  8. 2013 Twins Starters Predictions

    2013 Twins Starters Predictions

    These predictions are based only on my gut feelings. I post these here now

    Worley - Will be fighting to recover from surgery. will largely be ineffective

    Pelfrey - Will be fighting to recover from surgery. will largely be ineffective

    Correia - A waste of money and time

    Diamond - Will be fighting to recover from surgery. will largely be ineffective. May be a 1 year wonder

    Diduno - The ...
  9. Arcia, Hermsen receive Twins minor-league honors

  10. 5 BIG If's

    IF Liriano had pitched like we know he can ...
    IF Baker had not been hurt and pitched like the Baker we know ...
    IF Pavano had not been hurt and was the innings eater he was in 2010 ...
    IF Blackburn had recovered his touch ...
    IF Slowey had been the pitcher we thought he was ...

    We would win the pennant this year and maybe even last year,

    Instead we have 5 minor league starting pitchers and only one came up though the Twins organization. (not counting ...
  11. Fitting 7 players into 6 positions

    With the emergence of Chris Parmelee as a Major League quality hitter, someone recently commented that the Twins could easily fit 7 players into 6 positions. So I tested the theory.

    If nobody is traded, the Twins have 7 players to use in 6 positions.
    Mauer C, 1b, DH
    Doumit C, LF RF DH
    Morneau 1b, DH
    Willingham LF,RF,DH
    Span CF,RF,LF
    Revere LF, CF, RF
    Parmelee LF, RF DH
    Lineup 1

    Maurer C
    Doumit DH ...
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