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  1. My plan for the Twins going forward

    Twins have proven by now they are going nowhere this year, so what is the plan for the GM going forward.
    Most of the posts have suggested getting rid of players that will bring little in return, Willingham, Morales, Correria, etc. These players will bring at most a B- or C prospect and will be looked at a salary clearing.
    1. Twins look like they have a surplus of 2B prospects coming so we make Brian Dozier available to the highest bidder. He could easily bring a top 10 prospect or ...
  2. What should Twins response be to Yankees attempt to control the internation market

    According to a post I saw yesterday on mlbtraderumors the Yankees were quoted as saying money was no object to them in the international market.
    Teams are given a set amount to spend in the international market and then a 100% luxury tax kicks in along with other penalties. The Yankees have I believe somewhere around 2 million to spend and they are talking in the range of 12-15 million not including the luxury tax.
    Do the small market and mid market teams need to stand up and make ...
  3. According to MLBTraderumors - Twins sign Phil Hughes

    Latest post on mlbtraderumors references an article by LaVelle E. Neal III citing an anonymous source as the Twins have signed Phil Hughes. This is supposed to be a 3/24 contract. If this is correct it is good news. I would rather have a different pitcher, but this signing cannot hurt. Decent price for a pitcher. TR at least is getting decent value for Poland's money.
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  4. My plan for the 2014 Twins

    With 2013 being lost and 2014 not looking good for the start, this is my plan, on a limited payroll, est $80-$90 million(dueable with extra $25 million Twins will get next year for TV/radio rights) to try and put a competitive team on the field and sell seats to the fans.
    1. Upgrade starting pitching staff. Sign if possible Josh Johnson and Tim Lincecum to contracts. Johnson should be a one year with option at about $7 millions. Lincecum may need 3 years for about $15 million a year to ...
  5. Last go around for some Twins upper level prospects.

    There are a number of Twins prospects from the upper level of the farm system that will need to produce the spring and summer or risk the chance of being left behind or needing a different orgainization to get to the major leagues in because of the wealth of talent the Twins have coming.

    1. Parmelee. He has the best chance of making it and also because of expectations the best chance of failure. His current shelve life is about 1/2 a season, because at that time the Twins will have ...
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