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  1. Satire: Terry Ryan Did the Right Thing for Minnesota

    If you're not into satire, or if you're easily angered by talk of Minnesota Nice, please don't read this. All others, please enjoy:

    Yup, you betcha! Gardy is back, right where he should be. Sure, it took me awhile to understand it, but that’s just because I’ve been spending too much time watching other “coastal” teams like the As and Rays. That’s a big no-no. I need to keep my attention at home, right where my folks always told me to keep it.

    You see, from a true ...
  2. Gardenhire Already Re-Hired?

    Bruce Brothers' Pioneer Press column on Tuesday's loss contains this quote from GM Terry Ryan, regarding the need to upgrade the 2014 staff:

    "I would like to think I'm going to be able to get Gardy some people here."


    This seems to confirm rumors about Gardy's future contract status raised by ESPN 1500's Wolfson, and provides the most clear evidence to date that, ...
  3. A Few Thoughts About Gardy … and the Next “Twins Way”

    It was weird to read Reusse’s “Twins Should Show Mercy” article, because we took such radically different paths to come to the same conclusion. Reusse seems to paint Gardy as some kind of victim of poor organizational management, but I see him as part and parcel of that poor management. I found myself wondering if Gardy’s good relationship with the local press has won him some additional cover for the team's poor performance?

    I’m completely unpersuaded by the “Gardy’s been given ...
  4. Diamond Divination: Predicting the 2013 Twins April and May

    Just for fun, I've gathered up my looking glass, my Ouija board, my Magic 8 ball, and put together a sneak peek into April and May. As I've felt with nearly everything I've predicted for the Twins in the last two years, I hope to heck I'm wrong. Be curious to see what you all think:

    Pitching: Starting pitching will be borderline atrocious, sucking any possible enthusiasm from the casual fan base. Worley’s WHIP will be well above 1.60 and Pelfry will be alternately marginally ...
  5. From Big Fish to Bottom Feeders: The Real Trouble with the Twins

    Hello Folks. This is my first blog post on TD, and, as such, it's probably got some holes. Thanks anyway for reading:

    It’s been a tough time for Twins fans. Back to back near 100-loss seasons has soured much of the joy of a new outdoor park, and familiar, fan favorite players have made their exits via free agency or trade. Rightfully, the Twins are trying to ready themselves for the coming season, and not dwell on the mountain of on-the-field and front-office failures. Terry Ryan ...
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