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  1. blindeke's Avatar
    Yeah, I remember that was part of the argument for signing Willingham, that he was a RH pull hitter. Maybe that's another reason to stick with mostly RH starting pitchers, too?
  2. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Nice breakdown.

    It would be great if Plouffe and Dozier can continue to hit RH pitching.
    Really did not expect what we're getting from Plouffe. Very nice to see.
  3. Jim H's Avatar
    I like your takes on the 10 players. I have some slight optimism for the offense. I believe that if the Twins can find 2 players to bat in front of Mauer(I like him 3rd) the Twins offense could be pretty good. I hope it doesn't take all year. Maybe Hicks and Dozier can do all right eventually in the first 2 spots, there really isn't anybody else on the roster or all that close to the majors. Unless you believe that Santana and Buxton will be up soon.
  4. pierre75275's Avatar
    Once the All-Star game is over, my guess is Escobar, or maybe Romero from AAA
  5. Sconnie's Avatar
    If Plouffe gets traded, who do you see filling his cleats? Waring looked good in ST (not that it matters) as a AA player.

    I think 8 is dead on, but with the low obp of the team, the dingers will be solo
  6. pierre75275's Avatar
    The twins possibly have a ton of legit trade bait this year. Corria, Willingham, Duensing, Burton, Fien and Trevor P could all be replaced with players from AAA. Due to the depth of the Twins Minor League System, we could shoot for high upside talent in the lower pools of competition. I am excited to see what the roster looks like in August and who gets traded and who stays. I am also excited for the draft. One could also add Mike Pelfrey to the list if he does well.
  7. jimv2's Avatar
    I'm with you on almost eveerything. I only disagree with #9--I don't think we'll see Buxton and only see Meyer if we have a lot of injuries--and I'd pick a nit with #5. I think you are underrating Hicks' speed. And not sure I agree that the glove at right will be below average--I'm not even sure who will be playing there. But I agree that unless we trade for someone, it won't be better than average.

    And I most want to second your opinion re #1. Based on my limited time at ST, if I retire rich, I'm spending a ton of time there! I couldn't care less about autographs. But hearing what people like TK and Carew and Ryan etc etc. have to say so enhances my enjoyment of the game.
  8. ND-Fan's Avatar
    Your right about no improvement with this team. The prospects you so thought would be here are just not ready and my guess most of them won't be with this team next spring either. Yes we have good group of players coming but Twins have sold everyone the cavalry is just around the corner. The fact is they are probably not going to make significant impact until late 2015 and then starting in 2016 season. Also we may still not have pitching rotation yet solved yet either. That's why I think its important that Twins start signing some free agent pitching now to get quality pitching. Quality pitching signings require multi year deals and they are signed now will help this team now as well be foundation for this next wave players coming but will be ending soon enough allow young pitching talent place on team in the future. Also the Twins need to look for a shortstop through a trade that's in high minors from another team that has high potential to play at the major league at that position. This has been problem for the Twins going on for over a decade a quality starting shortstop or they need to spend some money on young free agent shortstop but that rarely ever happens top of line free agent shortstop available.
  9. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    " I hope my opinions are wrong, but I have seen precious little to refute my opinion."

    Sadly, everything about this is correct and almost none of it is subjective.
    The main two things we got out of 2013 were
    1. Brian Dozier may have emerged as a good, solid 2B for the future, and
    2. our minor leaguers are a year older.

    That is too short a list for a team with over 290 losses in the last 3 years.

  10. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Sadly true.
    I hope that this year appears to have more going for it than 'our minor league players are a year older', which is most of what 2013 gave us.

    It may be true that Morneau, Willingham and Doumit would have all been moved had they been performing better. And if ifs and buts were candy and nuts....

    I really want the 2014 season to be a clear step forward. If that starts before 2013 draws to a close, all the better.
  11. jokin's Avatar
    Well-stated. As the old saying goes, when you're not moving ahead, you're falling behind.

    It's wearying to see miserable teams like the Marlins and White Sox match up with the Twins and appear to provide far more hope for the future. Other than Dozier establishing himself and Pinto giving a good September showing, there is little else that the Twins demonstrated that suggested a rebuilding team taking steps leading to anything that could be construed as "improvement".
  12. Willihammer's Avatar
    Halloween costume idea: Slap on a name-tag, 10 different points of flair, carry a serving plate, say "Hello, welcome to Perkins" and go as Terry Ryan
  13. beckmt's Avatar
    Also think the roster will be far different. Do not expect Parmelle to be here. Also either Doumit or Willingham will probably be gone, as Pinto will have established himself. If Doumit is here, either Pinto will be in AAA or Herrmann will be in AAA with Mauer catching more. Pitching staff needs 1-2 major starters, guessing either or Johnson and Hughes, would like Lincecum, but expect him to draw a qualifying offer. Troops should arrive about midseason next year and 2015 will be brighter if the pitching staff is improved.
  14. Brandon's Avatar
    I wonder if Parmelee and Colabello would make a good platoon at either 1b or RF next year.
  15. beckmt's Avatar
    Maybe of this group, 1 or 2 make the Twins next year. More than that would be an issue. I am guessing that Tonkin and Diamond have the best chances. Parmelle has lost his chance to make a statement and with Mauer probably playing first base 50% or more next year, do not see a role for him.
  16. Badsmerf's Avatar
    If that is the roster Terry Ryan will not be the GM of the Twins in 2015. That roster means he makes absolutely no moves at all. I'm very doubtful that happens.
  17. wagwan's Avatar
    This is the same team as 2013, unless you include Presley as a big improvement. How depressing.
  18. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Earlier today while reading another post I spent some time trying to find a pre-season interview with Terry Ryan that said more than "if <mumble mumble happens> we'll win our share."

    Actually I find the opposite in this December interview:

    Mackey: Will Twins compete in 2013? 'We have to be realistic,' GM says | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities ? Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) | Sportswire: Minnesota Twins

    "I think the goal here is to get better," Ryan said.

    He danced around the question of competing in 2013. "We'll try," he said when asked directly. I don't see where he insists. Does someone have a different source to point to where he does?
  19. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    The real contradiction, in my book, is Terry Ryan insisting that we were going to be competitive this year, then fielding this SP rotation.

    Really makes you wonder...

    I'd have more respect for him had he acknowledged that this would be a rebuilding year.
  20. stringer bell's Avatar
    Beyond the "patience" mantra, I am wondering about some specifics from the front office and field staff. I question how well they relate to the young guys, particularly the Hispanic players, and I think they need a better plan in dealing with prospects when they break in to the majors (e.g. Hicks and Arcia). The front office is culpable in going with limited pitchers (command and control, pitch to contact) and position players. They have been slow to delve into advanced stats and have been slow to go along with the power bat/power arm combo for a winning team. Further, I question whether the Twins have been prudent in valuing their assets and free agent assets.
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