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  1. Twins Trade former fringe prospect Duke Welker for a LH schulb.

    Welker , 27 , was dealt for a fringe lefty-starter Kris Johnson , 29 Today.

    In doing, so the Twins get an emergency starter, if things get ugly...

    Man, seems like a lot of confidence in the bullpen to let Welker go for almost nothing.
  2. Looking Ahead: My Realistic 2015 Minnesota Twins roster

    As many of you know, 2014 Will be an add on type of year or build on year off of the success the Twins have had from 2011-2013.... But almost certainly the Twins will again NOT compete in 2014. The same could be said for 2015 as well, however i think that is the year, while in transition, the Twins can breakout and build a playoff team and atmosphere. Bring back the winning way again in the Twin Cities. This assuming Gardy is at the helm and the chemistry is very good in the clubhouse.

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  3. Twins MLB draft Profile: Layne Somsen, RHP South Dakota State

    Who is this guy?

    He is a senior at SDSU , and the ace of the jackrabbits pitching staff, as you may have heard South Dakota State went real deep in the collegiate season this summer. (still on-going) Winning the Summit Lg Division I title in the regular season; The Right hander Somsen was named the Summit League pitcher of the year. He has a Plus curveball, a low ...

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  4. My Plan to Make Twins Semi-Contenders for 2013... While Enhancing the Farm System

    2012 - July Trade Deadline Moves

    #1 - Josh Willingham, Francisco Liriano, Alexi Casilla to Pittsburgh Pirates

    for AAA OF - Robbie Grossman (b- grade), A+ SP - Jameson Taillon (a- grade), A SS - Alen Hanson (b/b+ grade), AAA SP - Kyle McPherson (c+ grade), & AAA/MLB RP - Evan Meek.

    * if they're unwilling to part with Taillon , get A Ball pitcher Luis Heredia instead....a rich man's version of Adrian Salcedo with strikeout potential.

    #2 - Matt ...

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  5. Realistic In Season Trade Candidates to better the Twins.

    First things first, I want to say that I firmly believe these players, while mostly currently in the Minor Lgs. are A) Big League Ready and B) More than likely available for Trade within their respective organizations. & C) Should fit well within the Twins budget as many of these players have no to little Service Time. & D) Are young/ Prospects, green or raw because that Clearly is the best way to invest you're time energy and Money and NOT Free Agency as proven time and time again also ...

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  6. Remember To Breathe

    (4) Four games in, and not the start we all envisioned to be sure.
    (5) Five letters for us all to consider

    R-E-L-A-X I just hope the Twins, particularly the coaches and the players can just take a deeeeep breath relax, stay calm, not panick and just play baseball.

    Getting 1 out of these next 2 against the Angels would be a great start and if they just play ball they can do that.

    Next is the Texas Rangers, after stud southpaw Matt Harrison in game ...

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