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  1. Rosterman's Avatar
    The Twins, remarkably, managed to clear four roster spots, which means that if you look at the roster before the 40-man adds, they retain only 28 players from the mess at the end of the season, whew. Anyone know the number of free agents in the marketplace, now, with arbitration guys. Add in the minor league free agents....are any other team rosters this side of the Astros or the Marlins as empty as the Twins? Out of the 32 teams, are there 50 open spots, or 70 open spots? This is what makes the winter meetings a fun time. 10-12 get taken by Rule 5 guys. Each team may have one (maybe two) other guys they cut loose for free agent signings (Butera may be the Twins loophole for that if they fill holes). Otherwise, a lot of guys will be getting split or minor league only contracts to spring training.
  2. old nurse's Avatar
    If you don't think they could be a 3 or better you probably don't sign any of them to much more than a minimum contract. Incentive deal for Jurrgens, maybe Karstens. Gorzelanny as a lefty insurance starter in Rochester so Duensing can stay in the pen would be a very wise investment
  3. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    Lannan seems like a perfect Twins fit.....soft throwing control-like pitcher who doesnt strike out guys but walks too many!!!
  4. DaTwins's Avatar
    One thing I was wondering about, how much do you think these guys will get in free agency?
  5. DaTwins's Avatar
    Darin, I agree that Gorzelanny could be worth a flyer. He's always had good strikeout rates and I liked him a lot with the Pirates. However, I see him as more of a good lefty reliever. But you're right, he's an interesting guy.
  6. whosafraidofluigirussolo's Avatar
    Definitely would be interested in Jurrjens as a risk/reward flyer at the right price, Karstens as rotation filler and Torres as a veteran backup.
  7. darin617's Avatar
    You missed one pitcher who may be better than those you listed that the Twins should sign, Tom Gorzelanny. Jeff Karstens would be a decent signing to ease Kyle Gibson into the rotation.
  8. Top Gun's Avatar
    What about pitch count?
  9. Rosterman's Avatar
    And to work on their stuff. Let Hendriks take one for the team and give up 50 runs!
  10. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    Since the season is probably a lost cause, Gardy could also leave starters out there longer to eat innings instead of taking them out in the 3rd inning when they have already put us in a 6-0 hole. The chances of coming back from that type of deficit are so slim, it's probably better to least the starter out there to continue taking a beating and just eat some more innings.
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