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Fire Dan Gladden

  1. To every fan that wants to promote all prospects to the Twins:

    With all of the blogs, threads, and comments about blowing up the Twins and promoting all prospects to the big club, I would like to remind you of a few things:

    1) Calling players up starts the clock on these individuals toward arbitration and higher salaries. Even the Harpers and Trouts of the world where kept in the minors for periods of time to slow down their service time.

    2) Calling players up before they are ready can have a negative effect on their development. ...
  2. Twin's Nicknames

    There is a nice little article today on ESPN about MLB players and their nicknames. I saw Josh "The Hammer" Willingham mentioned, but did not see any other current Twins mentioned. That being said, I thought I would give it a try:

    Matt "I need a night" Capps
    Ryan "Just" Doumit
    Ben "Don't call me Paul" Revere
    Justin "Less yes" Morneau
    Denard "Spic and" Span
    Alex Burnett "Burn it all" ...
  3. The Ride or the Glory

    Over the last few weeks, many people have posted about the Twins lack of wins. The poor record last year, along with the slow start this year has people calling for everything from blowing up the team, to firing the manager and front office, to increasing the payroll 20% in an effort to bring in more talent. I suppose a strong amount of emotion helps to show the strength of the fan base.

    Over the offseason, the Twins did not blowup the team. Rather they patched up holes with some ...
  4. Response to "Access and Accountability" - One Fans Point of View

    In response to Nick Nelson's post:


    I'm not a journalist. Journalism was not my college major. Heck, I barely read my high school paper. I am just a Twins fan that reads too many articles and posts trying to learn as much about my team as possible. I will read ESPN and FOX, to the Strib, to blogs, even comments. I am interested to see what the news is on my team and what the general perception is on that ...
  5. Someone please help me on this...

    As you can tell from my handle, I do not have a great amount of respect for the radio work of a certain Mr. Dan Gladden. Over the last few years, my circle of friends and I have had countless discussions over what he does/doesn't bring to the broadcasts, and why on Earth the Twins continue to keep him in the booth. Quite frankly, I do not know why he is still there. Anybody who listens to the games hears the same things I do:

    - Going off on tangents while there is action going on. Somehow
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