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  1. Where should the Twins Class A affilate be?

    So this could be the last year of the Twins in Beloit. If true where do you think the Twins should go? You could stick with the already in place MWL teams or think a bit out of the Box. Now it has to be able to work into a current low A league and make sense. Rapid City or Fargo will not work for travel reasons in the Midwest League, even though at least Fargo has a nicer stadium the one currently in Beloit.

    My choice would be Cedar Rapids if they move from Beloit. (Quad Cities would ...
  2. Name your GM. Who is better then Terry Ryan?

    Not trying to be too snarky here. Just wondering who people think would be a good replacement for TR? I honestly have no idea on who would be better if anyone. I just read all the comments about how bad he is and thought that many people would have a plan around that. (The anyone would be better line is a lame retort. You could have used that for most of the Twins pitching staff, but someone has to take the ball and pitch. I can say Sam Denudo is awful, but who do I say takes his place. Clayton ...
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