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  1. The Twins Next Window...

    In really studying the Twins major leage and minor league rosters this off season, and looking back at the past 4 years I came to the painful conclusion that the Twins missed their window to win a World Series. I think 2009-2012 was that window, and they missed that window due to career altering injuries, poor front office management, and the damn Yankees.

    Justin Morneau suffering a concussion when he had just reached his absolute peak, was a more crippling blow then most realized. ...
  2. College Draft Prospect Week 2 Update

    This was originally posted at http://thetwinsarmchairgm.blogspot.com/

    Stanford ace Mark Appel followed up his great start last week with a not so great one this week. While he went 8 innings and struck out 11, he gave 8 hits, two HR's and 7 runs in a 7-4 loss to Fresno State. Conor Glassery at Baseball America had a nice write up on him after the start that can be found here. While the amount of hard contact he gives up now is concerning, Appel can grow into a dominant starter if his ...
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