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  1. Incomplete Voltron – 2013 Twins and Beyond

    Incomplete Voltron – 2013 Twins and Beyond

    Now that I am living in Kagoshima, Japan, I have been enjoying myself – it has been quite an adventure and a culture shock. I have procured a job at a Burger King, working as a greeter dressed up as the “Burger King”. I have had better jobs in my lifetime, but overall it has been a pretty good experience. The customers have some nicknames for me, which is touching. They call me “Okuraseru” and “Akushū o hanatsu”. It is nice to feel loved ...
  2. Sewage from Bark’s Lounge

    A lot of folks have high hopes and expectations for what the Twins should do this off season upgrading their roster. Spend money, trade good position players to acquire pitching wealth, and blah, blah, blah.

    My prediction is there will be no big splashes and they will indeed trade Denard Span, getting okay, but not very good pitching prospects in return. When this happens fans will get pissed off, but this is what most have been clamoring for and every organization knows we have Outfield ...
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